Top Online Certificate Programs in Big Data 2019/2020 in Europe

A certificate is a program with an educational focus that can be earned in about twelve months, depending on student achievement. These programs provide training in a particular area, and they may help graduates increase their earning potential. 

Big data is an important field of study for any business that handles data sets far larger than common software tools can handle. The applications of big data are used in healthcare, the military, education, manufacturing and many other industries.

Certificate Program Online in Big Data in Europe

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Other options within this field of study:
E-Learning University of Athens

This course elaborates on the basics principles of the web analytics while providing an introduction to the concept of Business Intelligence (BI), its impact and its basi ... [+]

Every day, all businesses face dozens of questions relating to making decisions about their operation. Questions concerning the allocation of staff, the expected demand, the volume of orders, product storage, product promotion, customer acquisition, customer assessment, the effectiveness of any advertising, transportation of materials, processing of data, finding and collecting data of interest, etc.

The answer to such questions has a significant benefit since it dramatically reduces the company's operating costs and makes it competitive and viable, especially in a time of crisis, when financing is not easy to find and therefore everything should be organized and exploited to the fullest degree.... [-]

Greece Athens
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