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Program Description


Especially in the hospitality industry - even in the kitchen - it makes a huge difference whether one is working on or unskilled, or has a vocational qualification!

To enable skilled and unskilled manpower vocational qualifications of the Chamber of Commerce as a chef / cook Chamber of Commerce, the Hotel Fernschule Poppe & Neumann offers unique in Germany the chance to catch up on this in part-time distance learning course and without loss of earnings.


With a distance learning course the hotel Fernschule Poppe & Neumann and the vocational qualification as a chef / cook CCI to offer wide-ranging opportunities in the labor market:

  • An occupation degree (CCI certificate)
  • More recognition at work
  • Social advancement - better earning potential
  • Development and career opportunities in the kitchen

The assistants examination to / for chef / cook CCI is at career changers often the first step towards further training objectives: A subsequent upgrading training to / for chef / in and / or diet chef / dietician CCI can also with you the next stop on the way up the career ladder be. Take advantage of this opportunity!

The course is aimed at career changers, skilled and unskilled employees / inside and family workers with at least 34 months work experience in the kitchen.

course content

The state-certified and approved course to / from the cooking / cook CCI is characterized by the mature, based on the professional practice study documents. Like all Poppe & Neumann-distance learning is also the course chef / cook CCI designed to employment and training can be optimally arrange.

Multidisciplinary part

  • Dealing with guests, consulting and sales
  • Equipment, machinery, consumer goods, working methods and hygiene
  • kitchen area
  • Service area
  • Inventory management, office organization and communication
  • Advertising, sales promotion and business service

Fold Specific Part

  • Kitchen Technical processes and plant foods
  • Soups and sauces
  • Fish, shellfish and crustaceans
  • Meat, game, poultry and offal
  • Appetizers, cold cuts, dairy products and eggs
  • Teige, masses and desserts


They have the time of testing at least 4 ½ years of relevant experience in the kitchen area

This means: You can start with 34 months' professional experience with distance learning already, because you are working while studying further and thus have the time of testing the necessary professional experience.

Study duration and cost

Organization of time

Distance learning (20 months)

In this phase of your distance learning course you will receive monthly lesson. The course material prepares you for the examination to / for Hotel Kaufmann / woman IHK.

Test (IHK)

After a successful distance learning course examination at the IHK takes place.


You can always sign up - of course starts every month on the 1st or 15th

Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees are € 85.00 per month (total cost € 1,700.00)

Normal period

The normal period for the course is 20 months.

Of course you can - at no extra cost - or shorten your distance learning individually and stretch. The only depends on how much time you have to learn and of course the fact that you meet the admission requirements at the time of testing.

Financing and promotion

Monthly payment

At Poppe & Neumann pay your tuition fees in the comfort of monthly course rates.

save taxes

You can make up to € 4,000.00 per year for your training at Poppe & Neumann tax as related expenses. For that you will get at the end of the calendar year a certificate for the payroll tax year compensation.


To counter the impending shortage of skilled workers, many states have launched their own funding from the European Social Fund. As a recognized educational institution, you can benefit from this special grant for the training costs.

Last updated Mar 2020

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Mit inzwischen über 120 Jahren Marktpräsenz ist die Hotelfernschule Poppe & Neumann die älteste Bildungseinrichtung für die Menschen im Hotel- und Gaststättengewerbe, in der Gemeinschaftsverpflegu ... Read More

Mit inzwischen über 120 Jahren Marktpräsenz ist die Hotelfernschule Poppe & Neumann die älteste Bildungseinrichtung für die Menschen im Hotel- und Gaststättengewerbe, in der Gemeinschaftsverpflegung und der Systemgastronomie. Read less
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