Executive Master in Risk Management


Program Description

The Executive Master in Risk Management of EALDE is an online master that allows to obtain a double degree of its own with international validity. The objective of this program is to offer in-depth knowledge of the risks that a business entity faces in its activity and prepare the student to specialize in the risk management of its professional sector.

The Executive Master in Risk Management addresses the ISO 31000 standard and enables them to analyze and transfer the inherent risks to a company under its umbrella. In addition, the program transmits expert competencies to perform management system audits according to ISO 190011.

Online training enables to identify improvement opportunities arising from an audit and how to deal with them, and addresses COSO and ORSA regulations as well as the latest software and applications useful in risk management, such as Global Suite. It is a expertise that allows you to adapt to any company located in any country in Europe, Latin America or the United States.

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Course 1. Introduction to Risk Management.


  1. Introduction. General considerations. Different actors and perspectives.
  2. The Risk Management. An approach from the perspective of the insurance sector.
  3. Risk Management ERM models in banking and Project Management.
  4. ISO31000: 2018. Principles and guidelines for Risk Management.

Course 2. General concepts of Risk Management.


  1. Appetite, attitude, criteria and level of risk. Tolerance and capacity.
  2. Classification of risks Types and groups of risks.
  3. Identification and characterization of risks. Risk Matrices
  4. The evaluation and treatment of risk. Risk level, heat maps and controls.

Course 3. Risk Assessment Process.


  1. Risk assessment units. Objectives and processes.
  2. Events, probability and consequences.
  3. Risk analysis. Methods and techniques. ISO 31010
  4. Maturity models Audit and advice.

Course 4. Business Risks.


  1. Strategic and Reputational Risks.
  2. Legal and Financial Risks.
  3. Operational Risks
  4. Emergency Risks.

Course 5. Organizational Structure and Treatment.


  1. The organizational structure in risk management.
  2. Policies and procedures manual.
  3. Treatment of the risks.
  4. Cost benefit analysis.

Course 6. Transversal Risks in the Company.


  1. Introduction to Project Risk Management.
  2. Introduction to IT Risk Management.
  3. Introduction to Occupational Risk Management.
  4. Introduction to Environmental Risk Management.

Course 7. Financial Risks in the Company.


  1. ISO 55,000 Asset Management.
  2. Introduction to Insurance and Actuarial Management.
  3. Fraud and money laundering.
  4. The model of the three lines of defense.

Course 8. Risk Analysis and Management Software.


  1. Risk Analysis Software.
  2. Design and simulation.
  3. Evaluation and Document Management with Global Suite I.
  4. Evaluation and Document Management with Global Suite II.

Course 9. Specialty to Choose between:

  • Project Risks.
  • Financial Risks
  • Occupational Health Risks.
  • Compliance Risks: Fraud and Money Laundering.
  • Risks in Emergencies and Natural Disasters.
  • Insurance Risks

Course 10. The audit process according to ISO 19011.


  1. Audit process
  2. Program management of the audit.
  3. Performance of the audit.
  4. Audit resolution.

Course 11. Responsibility in the audit according to ISO 19011.


  1. Responsibilities of the participants in the ISO audit.
  2. The figure of the auditor.
  3. Auditor communication techniques.
  4. Legal and certification audits.

Course 12. Master thesis.

Why study this master?

The Executive Master in Risk Management is an academic program of higher education that guarantees specialization in risk management and audits in business entities. All the contents of the training program are taught by expert and active professors in large reputable companies in the Spanish business risk sector, among others: AGERS, REPSOL, BBVA, SANTANDER or CAIXABANK.

The characteristics of this specialized online master's degree help to know the different types of audits that exist and to know what the responsibilities of auditors and auditees are. In general, training provides the necessary knowledge to perform audits in a professional manner. It is a master's degree that allows to acquire differentiating skills compared to other professional profiles.

The online methodology of the Executive Master in Risk Management allows the reconciliation of work and family life of the student with their training.

What will I learn?

At the end of the Executive Master in Risk Management you will be able to:

  • Integrally manage the risks that a company faces.
  • Implement a risk assessment and management system in an entity.
  • Perform audits under ISO 19011.
  • Direct, control and reduce the impacts and consequences of risks that may affect companies.
  • Master the Global Suite Risk Management software.
  • Have specialized knowledge in risks of a professional sector (insurance sector, project risks, financial risks).

Who is it for?

This training program is especially aimed at:

  • Engineers, international auditors, financial analysts, insurance managers.
  • Professionals who work in companies certified with ISO management systems or have planned to do so.
  • Professionals who need to perform audits or want to learn how to do them.
  • Managers of companies that seek specialization and differentiation.
  • Technicians, managers or directors of the areas of quality, environment, prevention of
  • occupational hazards, energy efficiency or computer security in a company.
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EALDE Business School nace con vocación de aprovechar al máximo las posibilidades que Internet y las nuevas tecnologías brindan a la enseñanza. Ofrece a sus alumnos la posibilidad de cursar, desde el lugar en el que se encuentren, estudios de posgrado en materia de gestión de empresas de la misma forma que harían si los cursos se siguiesen presencialmente en una escuela tradicional. Read less
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