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6 Online Bachelor's Programs in History 2024



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    Online Bachelor's Programs in History

    Awarded by schools upon completing program requirements, the bachelor’s degree is an important life stepping stone along one’s educational path and is necessary before beginning a master’s program. Students can expect most programs to take four years to complete, depending on the area of study and whether one enrolls full- or part-time.

    What is a Bachelor’s in History? Undergraduate history students study historical events to understand them and determine how they impact the present and future. There are several programs available, such as a degree in history and geography or a Bachelor of Arts in Historical Sciences, or even more hyper-focused programs such as a Bachelor’s in Hellenic Culture or a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry. While specific courses taken vary, students can expect that some will focus on culture, literature and philosophy requirements.

    Those graduating with a Bachelor’s in History often hone skills such as organization, writing, public speaking and critical analysis, with the latter being vital for decision-making. This range of expertise may allow degree holders to succeed in a multitude of careers.

    The cost of obtaining a Bachelor’s in History is no small expense; however, price varies greatly from institution to institution. One’s choice of school, the specific program and the country all impact the price of seeking higher education.

    Many academic programs focusing on history don’t lend directly to one specific career path. That being said, the skills and abilities learned make it possible for a multitude of possible career choices. Those holding a Bachelor’s in History could choose to pursue careers as teachers, historians, geographers, art historians, public officials, researchers, writers, librarians, curators, journalists or paralegals. This is in no way an exhaustive list, and the possibilities for career direction are nearly limitless.

    There is a wide array of schools to choose from when one’s goal is earning a degree in history. Choosing an online course of study is a convenient and accessible way to acquire a degree with greater class flexibility, no matter where in the world the student studies. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.