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Because we're simply the best...

Bizintra is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations in financial education. Bizintra’s trading education & strategies have been meticulously developed & are delivered live by our high profile industry experts from leading institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America & Morgan Stanley to bring to market some of the highest success rates this industry has seen. Our ethos is based on transparency, providing new & existing traders a platform for success.

...and we prove it everyday!

We know that our education is only as good as our trading results & we prove it everyday. Not only do we notify you every time we make a trade, we also analyse each trade every evening in our live trade review. As a student, this gives you the opportunity to learn our strategy so you can successfully trade independently. We have a success rate of 80% to date that our students are benefitting from every day.

We are Bizintra

Our principle aim here at Bizintra is to give you a platform whereby you can improve your consistency and profitability through live and interactive sessions with real traders. Our team is made up of high profile traders who have been continually successful in their markets with over 60 years of institutional & retail trading experience. These pros have traded in some of the biggest institutions, educated and mentored innumerable amounts of flourishing traders to date and our head of day trading has traded bank funds in the 100’s of millions.

What to expect?

  • Globally Recognised Traders
  • Daily Trading Signals
  • Proven Strategies
  • Live & Interactive
  • Dedicated Trade Support
  • Private Trader Forums
  • Expert Mentorship
  • Strict Risk Management Policy

What if I miss any of the lessons?

Watch them on demand

In your member's area, you can find all the lessons recorded and ready to be watched when it suits you. We know that many of our students have a job or go to school, don't worry, we didn't forget about you! we always make sure to upload the videos on the website so you can watch them on demand, whenever you like.

Our syllabus covers:

  1. Trading Mistakes & Psychology
  2. Good & Bad Traders
  3. Trade Sizing & Basic Risk Management
  4. Economic Indicators
  5. Support & Resistance
  6. Bizintra Day Trading (Entries)
  7. Bizintra Day Trading (Exits)
  8. Portfolio Selection
  9. Margin, Leverage and Swaps
  10. Stock Market Indices
  11. Foreign Exchange Markets
  12. Introduction to Commodities

...and much more

Great, do I have to pay for it?


We work with sponsors to keep your fees at a minimum while you learn. The sponsors of your education are the partner brokers that we have carefully selected. They are a fully regulated trading partners and are covering the cost of your education with us. The only requirement on your part is a small, fully refundable, deposit in your personal trading account. Once your account has been open and funded, we will open your access to our programme, trade rooms & trading signals without any costs associated.

Who's sponsoring my education?

AVATrade & CityIndex

We are completely independent from our trading partners so our focus is solely directed on the education and support levels for our students. Bizintra has been developing relationships with brokers all over the world throughout the last 12 months, to bring to market the best possible offering for our education packages. We use these brokers to offer you a low-risk, low-cost route to firmly establish if trading is going to be for you and should be looked at as a vehicle for you to obtain a trading education with no fees attached. Both AVATrade and CityIndex are fully regulated trading bodies, any deposits made with them are in your control only and are guaranteed.


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