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At Carlow University, everything we do embodies the heritage and values of the Sisters of Mercy. We open our hearts to our students, colleagues and the world and seek practical ways to address immediate and long-term needs in our communities.

Our ethics-based online curriculum prepares students to lead effectively in their chosen professions and promote a just and merciful world. Carlow believes in education and growth inside and outside the classroom. We encourage students to develop skills in judgment, leadership, analysis, decision-making and communication. The transformational learning experiences and diverse community at Carlow help learners realize their full potential while becoming career-ready, compassionate professionals.

Fully invested faculty work with the students to help them achieve success and maintain a balance between work and school responsibilities. Each instructor brings diverse experiences to the classroom to provide a more well-rounded, multi-perspective, ethical view of the world that students can learn from and apply to their educations, professions and everyday lives.

Our generous financial aid and transfer credit programs, along with small class sizes, ensure learner success. Our programs offer ultimate flexibility while staying true to our commitment to social justice and academic excellence. We offer an array of healthcare, business and education degrees online.


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