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About Chartall Business College

Chartall Business College offers students from around the world the flexibility to earn an accredited Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. We deliver this degree online through our easy-to-access and easy-to-use Learning Management System. Each subject is made up of a combination of theory and practical application. Our e-lecturers are all qualified academically and have vast, practical and up-to-date workplace experience. You will have access to a student adviser who will work with you to keep you and your studies on track.

Why you should enrol to complete your BBA at Chartall Business College:

  • We offer ongoing, constant and regular student support to ensure success;
  • We are accredited by the South African Council on Higher Education and registered with the Department of Higher Education both as a private further and higher education provider;
  • Our BBA degree is aimed primarily at working adults, so there is an even emphasis on theory and practical application. In fact, every subject has a work integrated assignment that guides you to apply what you are learning to a real-world practical situation;
  • Each subject is taught by an industry practitioner who guides you to translate theory into practical application;
  • We have a long institutional history of supporting working adults through their learning;
  • Each cohort is supported by a dedicated student adviser who is there to offer guidance, support and the occasional motivation to keep you on track;
  • You can transfer any subject credits you may already have earned through other accredited higher education providers (subject to certain conditions of course);
  • We can offer recognition of prior learning against subjects where you have extensive current workplace learning. This can greatly reduce your time to complete the degree. (Subject to certain conditions, RPL is assessed through the completion of the workplace assignment.)
  • The degree is online (we do have a two-day orientation on campus, but this can also be attended online), flexible and designed specifically for working adults with material curated and presented each week;
  • Each subject is taught through a combination of pre-recorded lectures that you view in your own time, real-time e-tutorials (of which you must attend 5 live, the rest can be viewed in your own time), assignments and tests and (in most cases) an open book examination
  • Tuition includes all e-books (but not hard covered books if no e-book is available). You will need your own PC and WIFI;
  • Our learning management system is designed to support your learning journey with online support, discussion forums, chats, live e-tutorials and it stores all your learning material in one place for easy access.

What can you expect from Chartall Business College?

  • Unwavering commitment to ensure you succeed with your studies;
  • Ongoing support from your student adviser – through multiple channels, including phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, the online learning platform, skype or Zoom);
  • Regular contact with faculty, for simple queries, subject matter understanding and workplace application;
  • Free on-demand tutoring;
  • Ongoing motivation and guidance at every stage of your learning journey;
  • Engaging and relevant learning;
  • Real world application and case studies;
  • Interesting subjects – like social networking, emotional intelligence, project management and small business management;
  • Flexible delivery;
  • Quality.


  • Johannesburg

    Johannesburg, South Africa