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Diploma University of Applied Sciences

Diploma University of Applied Sciences

Diploma University of Applied Sciences


About the DIPLOMA Hochschule

The DIPLOMA Hochschule is a privately run, state-recognized university with headquarters in Bad Sooden-Allendorf in Northern Hesse, and numerous study centers throughout the country, which has set itself the goal of students in particular part-time distance learning with frequent attendance phases in real or virtual form (ie almost completely from your home) to leading to an academic degree.

The DIPLOMA Private university mbH was founded in 1994 and is part of the company group of Bernd-Blindow group with Bernd Blindow-schools, schools Dr. Kurt Blindow, the Humana-school and schools Dr. Rohrbach and the Ross School's nationwide success in the field of technical and vocational schools in the sectors of education health / social welfare, science, technology, business and graphic & Fashion operating for more than 40 years. The DIPLOMA Private university mbH is the bearer of DIPLOMA University / FH Northern Hessen.

Under the direction of Prof. Hans FW Hübner as founding rector, later president and now honorary president, 1998, the teaching was first recorded in the Department of Economics with the degree program in Business, followed by the Faculty of Law in 1999 and expanded in 2003 by the Department of Health and Social Affairs.

The conversion of diploma courses on bachelor and master's degrees by the "Bologna decisions" so-called carried consistently since 2007 and has been fully completed in 2008. These included "Business Administration (BA)", "Business Law (LL.B.)" and "Medizinalfachberufe (BA)".

Thereafter, in the fields mentioned above by the accreditation agency AHPGS the courses "Media Economics & Media Management (BA)", "Early Childhood Education - Leadership and management of day-care centers (BA)" as well as the master's degree programs "Economics and Law, focus on management or Business Law (MA) "," General Management (MBA) "and Medizinalfachberufe (MA) accredited.

By accreditation agency FIBAA the Master's program "Business Law with international aspects (LL.M.)" were and the undergraduate programs "Graphic Design (BA)" in presence and (in Germany unprecedented) distance learning form - founded in 2009 the Department of Design - and "Tourism industry (BA)" certified.

Technical courses have been accredited by the accreditation agencies and ACQUIN AQAS. It is "Mechatronics (B.Eng.)", "Economic computer science (B.Sc.)" and "Business Engineering (B.Eng.)".

More attractive, contemporary master and bachelor degree programs are for accreditation in preparation.


  • Bad Sooden-Allendorf

    Am Hegeberg 2 , 37242, Bad Sooden-Allendorf

  • Aalen

    Heinrich-Rieger-Straße 22 , 73430, Aalen

    • Baden-Baden

      Laubstraße 24 , 76530, Baden-Baden

      • Berlin

        Martin-Hoffmann-Straße 22 , 12435, Berlin

        • Bochum

          Wasserstr. 221 , 44799, Bochum

          • Bonn

            Plittersdorfer Straße 48 , 53173, Bonn

            • Friedrichshafen

              Allmannsweilerstraße 104, 88046, Friedrichshafen

              • Hamburg

                Weidestrasse 122a , 22083, Hamburg

                • Hanover

                  Wilhelmstraße 2 , 30171, Hanover

                  • Heilbronn

                    Allee 6 , 74072, Heilbronn

                    • Kaiserslautern

                      Europaallee 1, 67657, Kaiserslautern

                      • Kassel

                        Wilhelmshöher Allee 343 & Leipziger Straße 50-54 , 34131, Kassel

                        • Kitzscher

                          Comeniusstraße 17 , 04315, Kitzscher

                          • Magdeburg

                            Mittelstraße 25 & Klausenerstr. 15 , 39114, Magdeburg

                            • Mainz

                              Lortzingstraße 4 , 55127, Mainz

                              • Mannheim

                                Käfertaler Straße 258 , 68167, Mannheim

                                • Munich

                                  Elsenheimerstr. 31 , 80687, Munich

                                  • Ostfildern

                                    An der Akademie 5 , 73760, Ostfildern

                                    • Würzburg

                                      Laub 12 , 97357 , Würzburg

                                      • Regenstauf

                                        Dr.-Robert-Eckert-Strasse 3 , 93128, Regenstauf

                                        • Nuremberg

                                          Mühlstr. 2 , 90547 , Nuremberg

                                          • Wiesbaden

                                            Frankfurter Str 28 , 65189, Wiesbaden

                                            • Wuppertal

                                              Hubertusallee 18 , 42117, Wuppertal

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