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Digital Marketing Course

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Main characteristics of our Electronic Commerce Course

The way in which consumers inform and buy has changed, but also that of companies when they communicate and interact with their customers, which has resulted in the emergence of new ways of generating business that were unthinkable just a few years ago. These new business models need marketing professionals with a clear digital profile, with the ability to create and develop strategies that transform the company's digital identity to make it more known and attractive.

The Electronic Commerce Course, developed by EAE Business School among the rest of distance courses, responds to the demand of companies and organizations to incorporate profiles trained in the field of digital marketing into their departments.

E-Commerce: Train your instinct to detect and manage business opportunities on the Internet

The Advanced Course in Digital Marketing at EAE Business School makes the key issues of online marketing and e-commerce available to participants for a practical application in the day-to-day of companies.

It is aimed both at professionals who want to specialize in these two areas and at entrepreneurs who want to start businesses based on digital environments and learn about the keys and opportunities that the Internet offers.

Advantages of studying the Higher Program in Digital Marketing at EAE

The Course in Digital Marketing can be done online or blended, modalities that offer the student multiple advantages such as flexibility, adaptation to their needs or the possibility of reconciling work and family.

The quality of the learning resources and tools of these modalities, as well as the level of satisfaction obtained by the students, among other factors, has caused the demand of this type to increase worldwide in recent years. deformation. In Spain the growth has been higher than 60%.

Online mode

The Virtual Campus is the learning platform under which all the work of the EAE online modality student is articulated. In this virtual space, you have the material, resources and learning tools that allow you to progress throughout the course.

Blended mode

This modality is characterized by combining the advantages of online training and face-to-face training. In addition to the flexibility and freedom of schedules, there are the advantages of classes or face-to-face sessions that allow establishing relationships with teachers and other students, which makes it possible to exchange experiences and knowledge with others. as professionals.

  • Classes or face-to-face sessions

Of a practical nature, they combine the presentation of a topic by an expert with group dynamics. The sessions take place on the Madrid and Barcelona campuses, and the student can attend 20.

  • One to One Tutorials

The student has 4 one-to-one tutorials, where he can choose between a coaching session, meet with an expert or take a project tutorial.


Accompaniment is, together with the resources and the Virtual Campus, one of the most outstanding aspects of the online and blended modalities of EAE. The accompaniment includes a set of personalized follow-up actions of a periodic nature that aim to help the student successfully complete the program.

To make this possible, two figures stand out in the teaching advisory team, the personal tutor and the facilitator.

  • Personal tutor

Reference person for the student, who helps in the organization and planning of the program, in addition to giving answers to all doubts and questions about the study or the subject.

  • Dynamizer

He / she is an expert in the field who solves the doubts raised, proposes the activities of practical application and sets the pace of study.

  • Preparation Groups

Their objective is to help the student pass the theoretical evaluations of each module. Throughout the year, different preparation groups are held for the same module, in this way it is easier for the student to enroll in them at any time throughout the course.

Diversify sales channels and customer relations

Few sectors pose such demanding challenges for the company as digital, an area that grows and evolves by leaps and bounds and that opens the doors to new highly profitable business models.

This advanced course puts the key issues of digital marketing and e-commerce within the reach of the participants for a practical application in the day-to-day of organizations.

Its study plan is aimed both at professionals who want to specialize in these two areas and at entrepreneurs who wish to promote businesses based on digital environments and learn about the opportunities offered by the Internet.

The program has been designed by renowned experts so that participants can assimilate and work on the content independently and flexibly according to their interests, and integrate learning into their professional and personal lives. The agenda includes the fundamental aspects of online marketing and electronic commerce, and uses digital resources, webinars, blogs and other dynamic elements that facilitate the training of the participants. In addition, they must carry out a tutored Final Project, in which they can apply the knowledge and skills acquired.

After successfully completing the program, students obtain a double degree from EAE and from the University of Barcelona-Il3 (Barcelona campus) and from the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid campus).

The degree obtained at the end of the program is within the category of unofficial degrees. Although the value and recognition that the title has on the part of companies, due to the quality of its contents, specialization and practical nature, facilitate the employability of the students who do it.

EAE Business School was one of the pioneer schools in teaching marketing programs in Spain.

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