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Main characteristics of our Master EMBA

The Executive MBA offers the participant a real contact with innovation and an approach to the most current trends in management.

Carrying out an EMBA is a transformative experience that makes it possible to acquire new knowledge and skills in a practical way, obtaining competencies intrinsic to the distance masters modality. As well as the exchange of experiences with other participants.

The EAE EMBA student profile is that of a manager or executive, with at least five years in positions of responsibility leading teams, who in order to continue growing personally and professionally, seeks a quality and flexible program that can adapt to your needs and time arrangement.

Expand and consolidate your managerial and leadership skills with the Executive MBA (EMBA)

The business world is immersed in a continuous process of transformation that brings new trends and managerial challenges to the table. This has a direct impact on aspects such as the growing internationalization of markets, the new models of commercial relationships that emerged in the heat of the new information and communication technologies (ICT) or the need to attract and retain talent, with the aim of thus obtain added value for the company.

In this context, the Executive MBA online or blended (EMBA) at EAE Business School provides executives and managers with an integrated and global vision of general management, and provides them with the essential tools and skills so that they can function successfully in positions responsibility of any organization.

The study program, eminently practical and interactive, is aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals with more than five years of experience in management positions, and puts at their disposal extensive management knowledge, as well as the resources to manage change in business environments. dynamic business with a marked international vocation.

Faced with increasingly competitive markets, this program offers global strategic training in the framework of the company and, at the same time, promotes excellence in senior management and the development of leadership competencies.

Throughout the master, each participant will learn and work on the contents in an autonomous, flexible and orderly manner, adapting them to their needs and interests and with the guarantee of being part of one of the 30 best business schools in the world (according to the Ibero-American Ranking 2014 of América Economía) and the second most reputable business school in Spain (Merco Ranking 2019).

In addition, EAE Business School has one of the highest employability rates on the market among its MBA students, as shown by the Global 200 Business School Report prepared by QS, which places it among the 50 best schools in Europe.

Advantages of studying this master's degree at EAE

Master in Online or Blended modalities

Studying an EMBA master's degree can sometimes be a complicated decision due to the level of commitment, demand and availability of time it requires. However, thanks to the flexibility and customization offered by EAE's online or blended modalities, this handicap disappears.

Participants in an online and blended EMBA can organize and adapt their study and practice schedules to their particular situation, making it possible to reconcile work and family with training.

The selection of resources that EAE makes available to EMBA students helps to transform data into information and knowledge, and allows them to acquire the skills and competencies necessary for making the most appropriate decisions.

Online mode

It is flexible and allows the student to acquire knowledge according to their training needs and time availability. The training platform on which much of the work of the students of the online modality is articulated is the Virtual Campus.

Virtual campus

Designed so that the student has access to academic content, training resources, services, activities and constantly updated information. The campus encourages active and collaborative learning, by setting up discussion forums, jobs and projects, which enhance the entrepreneurial attitude and skills of the students.

Access to the Campus is done through the Internet from any computer or mobile device, using a personal access code available to each student.

Blended mode

The blended modality combines the advantages of traditional face-to-face training such as face-to-face sessions and other exclusive activities of this modality, with the resources and tools of online training found on the virtual campus.

MBA Executive MBA students also have a series of activities that they can attend or do:

  • Outdoor training
  • Management development cycles
  • One to One Tutorials
  • Employment Partner
  • Management conferences
  • Networking

Sectorial intensification

The EMBA offers the participant the possibility of undertaking a specific sectoral intensification linked to the development of the Final Master's Thesis (TFM). For this, it has, in the Virtual Campus, complementary reference material to that of the master's degree.

The EMBA offers the participant the possibility of undertaking a specific sectoral intensification linked to the development of the Final Master's Thesis (TFM). For this, it has, in the Virtual Campus, complementary reference material to that of the master's degree.

There will be the advice of an expert tutor on the subject for the TFM and the student will be able to choose between two sectors: Healthcare or Service Companies.

There will be the advice of an expert tutor on the subject for the TFM and the student will be able to choose between two sectors: Healthcare or Service Companies.

Why study an EMBA?

Professionals and experts from the business world decide to study an EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) to reinforce their experience, improve their career, aim for positions of responsibility and promote excellence in senior management. Therefore, choosing an EMBA is a firm commitment to improve leadership skills, the comprehensive vision of the company and the speed to adapt to changes, essential qualities to overcome the constant challenges of the economic sector. By completing an EMBA, managers of companies around the world acquire additional training that allows them to update their knowledge and professional strategies, that is, to go one step ahead in the direction of their businesses. To achieve this, EMBAs are made up of primarily practical and interactive materials and resources.

During the sessions, EMBA students develop their communication and social skills and, in addition to learning to listen, they also develop the ability to understand and even accept ideas or proposals from others. In addition, an EMBA represents a meeting point between people with the same interests and concerns, the same commitment and love for their work, the same profile and a similar experience. In this way, business or networking opportunities between colleagues, in all cases professionals with extensive managerial experience - since being a manager is one of the main requirements to carry out an EMBA - also represents a important and highly valued reason when choosing to do an EMBA master's degree.

Why do an EMBA at EAE Distancia?

The growing competitiveness in the professional world, and even more so in the business sector, has made continuous training necessary through programs such as EMBAs. In this way, managers and senior officials can always stay up-to-date and up-to-date with changes in the industry. Studying an EMBA can be, on some occasions, a complicated decision due to the level of demand and commitment it requires. However, thanks to the option of studying an EMBA remotely, many executives of important companies are able to combine training with their professional career and with their personal and family life.

As it is not a face-to-face training, participants in a distance EMBA can organize and adapt their study and practice time to their particular situation. They can also choose how they prefer to relate and interact with their EMBA professors, who will be available either through the online campus or by email or telephone. This flexible and personalized character is one of the qualities best valued by EMBA participants, whose schedules are often complicated.

The distance modality is also the best option if you want to take an EMBA at a reputed business school, whether it is in the student's place of residence or not. At EAE Business School, professionals and expert teachers are part of the teaching team who attend and offer answers to the queries and questions of the EMBA students. In this way, EMBA students can solve their doubts and continue to advance in the acquisition of knowledge that the EMBA provides them without having to go to the physical headquarters of the school.

This virtual communication also increases the possibilities of synergy and encourages the exchange of opinions with people from different parts of the world, something very enriching for EMBA students.

Continuous assessment

Continuous assessment reinforces learning and allows to value and reward the effort of the work done, the student learns by doing and the tutor can better monitor the student's progress.

No final evaluation

Students pass the different modules through the continuous assessment system

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