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EAE | Programas Distancia Master in Marketing and Sales Management
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Master in Marketing and Sales Management

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Blended, Distance Learning


Main characteristics of our Master in Marketing Management

The globalization of markets, new information technologies and the new distribution and sales channels that have emerged has increased the number of markets in which to operate, but also the number of competitors that we face, so it is necessary to address Marketing and sales management from a more innovative perspective, taking increasingly into account its digital evolution.

The Master in Marketing Management develops the strategic knowledge and skills to train you as an innovative manager, with a broad vision of the company and the ability to face the changes and challenges posed by new marketing trends. Likewise, the participants obtain competences intrinsic to the modality of the online masters.

Creativity, innovation, effectiveness: the combination that every company seeks

The objective of the online Master in Marketing is to promote among the participants the ability to plan and develop innovative management strategies for the 4 Ps: product, price, communication and distribution; as well as sales.

The master's degree emphasizes mastering specific techniques and tools in this area to influence demand in advance based on market orientation.

Advantages of studying this master's degree at EAE

Master in Online or Blended modalities

Technological development has facilitated the emergence of new learning tools and resources that have modified the way in which we learn. The quality and flexibility offered to the student by online and blended modalities has made this type of training grow around the world. In Spain the growth has been higher than 60%.

EAE Business School was a pioneer in offering in 2007, as a complement to its face-to-face training programs, masters in online and blended modalities. Since then more than 20,000 students have been trained with EAE in one of these two modalities.

Online mode

The Virtual Campus is the learning platform from which almost all the work in this training modality is articulated. On campus the participant has all the material and learning resources of the master's degree. In addition, it is the space for meeting and debate with the teaching team and with other students of the program.

Blended mode

It combines all the advantages offered to the student by online training and face-to-face training such as classes or face-to-face sessions and other activities of this modality:

Module Sessions

Practical sessions that the student can attend once they have completed all the topics in the module.

Masterclass sessions

They are more open and transversal in nature. They are not related to the module under study, so the student may attend those sessions in which the topics covered are of interest to them.

One to One Tutorials

It is an individualized assessment where the student decides the format: they can choose between a coaching session, meet with an expert or take a TFM tutorial. The student has 4 one-to-one tutorials.

You acquire the keys to design effective campaigns and manage commercial teams

The Master in Marketing and Sales Management at EAE Business School, taught online and blended in Barcelona and Madrid, provides sales professionals with the techniques and skills to lead sales teams in a changing environment and globalized.

Its study plan provides the keys to identify and respond to the needs of current and potential customers and, ultimately, to achieve the sales objectives established by the organization.

The program, endowed with a practical and participatory approach, is aimed at managers of sales teams and commercial directors with a higher degree who need to expand their skills and acquire those that help them successfully face the challenges posed by the commercial management of companies. current companies.

Where is our company positioned? Market, competition and consumer analysis

With this online Master in Marketing, participants will learn to plan and develop innovative strategies to identify and satisfy consumer needs, and they will discover how to influence demand in advance based on market orientation and analysis. They will delve into concepts such as: CRM, SWOT analysis, business intelligence, big data or consumer 2.0, where all these contents will be worked in a planned and flexible way, adapting them to their interests and professional needs.

In addition, they will have the guarantee of acquiring a management training of the highest level: it has been chosen as the second best master's degree in the commercial area offered in Spain, according to the Ranking of the 250 best masters in El Mundo (2009-2014). Furthermore, EAE is the pioneer Spanish school in this field, since in 1958 it became the first business school in the country to launch a master's degree in business management.

Added to all this is the international prestige of EAE, one of the 30 best business schools in the world (according to the 2014 Ibero-American Ranking of América Economía) and the second most reputable business school in Spain (Merco Ranking 2019).

Apart from these data, EAE also stands out for the high rate of employability of its students. In fact, 89% of the participants in their master's programs find a job six months after completing their training, while 47% do so before finishing their studies (source: Employment Report 2014).

Continuous assessment

Continuous assessment reinforces learning and allows to value and reward the effort of the work done, the student learns by doing and the tutor can better monitor the student's progress.

No final evaluation

Students pass the different modules through the continuous assessment system

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