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EAN University Business Administration E-learning
EAN University

Business Administration E-learning

Bogotá, Colombia

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Jan 2024

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Academic training of leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and executives with a comprehensive view of the organization focused on human talent, and with an international projection.
Advice on business creation.

Unique program accredited in Virtual Methodology by means of Resolution 790/2008, based on the institutional conditions of Universidad EAN and of the program itself, that ensures the sustainability of the strengths as follows: The full-time and part-time academic staff; the existence of the COMPEDEAN research group granted A Category by COLCIENCIAS, which involves teachers belonging to the academic program; the curriculum organized by thematic and problematic units, thus favouring flexibility and comprehensiveness, as well as the appropriate tutoring support and performance monitoring of students; the results obtained by the students belonging to the academic program in the ECAES exam; the social outreach of the program through interaction with companies and internship processes of students; the development of both the virtual campus and the virtual platform; the proper organization and management of the program; and the recognition of graduates in the business sector. Focused on business management and academic training with ongoing support in order to create your own company, and with the intensive use of technology in order to enhance your self-learning process.

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