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EAN University Specialization in Social Responsibility Management and Shared Value
EAN University

Specialization in Social Responsibility Management and Shared Value

Bogotá, Colombia

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Jan 2024

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Specialization in Social Responsibility Management and Shared Value

“One of the most important issues of the current global agenda is a social responsibility, especially since the creation of the concept of shared value -a perspective recognizing the impact organizations have in the development of their social and economic environment. The Specialization in Social Responsibility Management and Shared Value offered by Universidad EAN -virtual modality- is an academic program aimed at training professionals -from different areas- in competencies related to strategic planning under a managerial and consulting vision of social responsibility, without ignoring the importance of business ethics. In this regard, the said specialization program is intended to create shared value as a core focus, and develop sustainability addressed from an environmental dimension, a social dimension, and a financial dimension.

“Similarly, the academic program includes matters related to critical and conceptual analysis in order to make decisions and set priorities aimed at proposing effective solutions with regard to risks or opportunities associated with sustainability inside organizations. Another distinguishing matter of the academic program corresponds to the possibility of providing students with a strong training in legal issues and commitments inherent in social responsibility and the productive activity of organizations regarding economic, social, labor, environmental and human right fields.

“Taking into account that the said specialization is offered under a virtual modality, students have the ability to access information technologies from their specific contexts, thus making easier the application of knowledge acquired without leaving apart the relationship with practical matters while working.”

Sandra Ortega Ferrira
Head of the Program


Understand and integrate the concept of sustainable human development and social responsibility in the management process of organizations.
Set and develop strategies to diagnose, plan, implement and assess social responsibility policies in the internal and external fields of organizations.
Anticipate risks and be able to make decisions in order to face economic, social and environmental crises inside organizations and their environments.
Set information systems and systems aimed at assessing organizational management based on indicators in the economic, social and environmental fields allowing the issuance of sustainability integrated reports.
Design, develop and manage consulting projects, and develop strategic communication based on leadership and coaching tools and techniques.
Prepare and develop financial plans to implement social responsibility programs and practices inside organizations.
Be able to conduct a strategic analysis of the organization in any social and cultural context.
Understand the regulatory framework for social responsibility at national, supra-national and international levels.
Identify and establish strategic alliances for social responsibility development.
Manage organizations with social responsibility and ethical behavior.
Have a solid humanistic training guided by the principles underlying the mission and vision statements of Universidad EAN.


  • Standardization of academic credits in order to take other postgraduate programs included in the portfolio of Universidad EAN.
  • Access to virtual and/or on-campus tutoring sessions.
  • Planning of study time according to personal needs and without interfering with professional or employment responsibilities.
  • Permanent access to communication technologies and online cutting-edge services (technology platform, corporate email, video conferencing system, video recordings, virtual learning objects, thematic forums, technical assistance, assessments, etc.)
  • Permanent online access to specialized literature and national and international databases.
  • A methodology based on business cases and active teaching methods integrating theory and current business reality.
  • Advice on the development of an applied formative research project, on the design of a business plan, or on the conduction of a business intervention by using the MMGO model.

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