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Fundación Universitaria Popayán - Univida Course in Business Administration
Fundación Universitaria Popayán - Univida

Course in Business Administration

Popayán, Colombia

9 Semesters


Full time, Part time

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Distance Learning

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Title: Business Administrator
Modality: 100% Virtual
Duration: 9 semesters
SNIES Code: 105448
Qualified Registry: Resolution 05951 of March 31, 2016 - Valid for 7 years.

The Business Administration program that the FUP will offer in virtual mode has as its main objective to train integral and suitable professionals in business administration with an ethical and social sense, capable of generating changes according to the opportunities and challenges in the global environment, with skills for the management, direction and application of new information and communications technologies within the organization and through the efficient allocation of resources that allow it to develop competitiveness and innovation.

Occupational profile

The professional in business administration of the University Foundation of Popayán, will be able to practice the profession, being an entrepreneur and innovator, applying information and communications technologies, as a director of public or private companies of any economic sector, national and multinationals, or may be an advisor and consultant to organizations of any order with a global vision.

The professional in business administration will differentiate itself by having the skills to:

  • Manage organizations with a global vision.
  • Generate ethical and moral environments with high social commitment.
  • Understand the environment of organizations as an agent of local, regional and national development, applying information and communications technologies in administrative processes.
  • Manage the human talent of organizations.
  • Promote negotiation skills, teamwork and decision making.


The Business Administration program will be offered in the city of Popayán, with a duration of nine (9) semesters. Periodicity of semi-annual admission; The modality is virtual, distributed in academic credits.

The adoption of a virtual modality requires the student not only the responsibility to devote time to the proposed activities through the LMS platform, with his active presence during all estimated hours, but also the commitment in fulfilling the load to be developed. personal way during the hours of independent work, in order to be able to achieve the integral formation of a professional in business administration. Only to the extent that the student commits himself seriously to his personal work, can he successfully develop the activities proposed in each of the programmed subjects.


The administration of companies for its systemic and holistic look will require auxiliary disciplines from which ideas and methods from various fields are integrated, it is here that interdisciplinarity is part of the same administrative knowledge and the curriculum of the program, so it will be constituted in a challenge the articulation of several disciplines included in the areas: basic, professional support and socio-humanistic, where each one has different objectives and methods; Therefore, the composition of teachers in the program must have professionals from various knowledge disciplines, of course, under the accompaniment of a critical mass of business managers that guide the academic process of the program.


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