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FutbolLab Spain Soccer Academy Master in Physical Preparation and Injury Prevention
FutbolLab Spain Soccer Academy

Master in Physical Preparation and Injury Prevention

Barcelona, Spain

6 Months


Full time, Part time

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EUR 3,250 / per semester *

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With the "Master in Physical Preparation and Injury Prevention (Isabel I University)" the student will first learn the role of the physical trainer, knowledge and skills for a correct evaluation and a training program for the concepts of injuries and all what the physical preparation entails.

You will learn to optimize the efficiency of the team in the hands of professionals of the sector, who will prepare you to know and apply exercises for the physical preparation of the players.

We will develop resistance, strength and speed exercises.

Increase the acceleration and make long trips to win whole physically. We will give notions about injuries, what type they are and how the player should recover. You have to follow the player and see how it progresses.


Master all the concepts and practices of physical preparation and injury prevention in the world of football with the master in PHYSICAL PREPARATION AND PREVENTION OF INJURIES of FUTBOLLAB, which starts from the game models to clarify concepts, guide methodologies and apply them to work daily.

The highly structured syllabus includes practical examples to apply concepts and techniques instantly. You will learn to optimize the efficiency of the team in the hands of professionals in the sector, who will prepare you to know and apply the latest and most innovative strategies and exercises for the physical preparation of players.

The content stands out for its unique approach: competition and effective training. The master's degree focuses on the latest trends in the field of physical preparation, even in grassroots football, leaving aside the reductionist and analytical theories to put the focus on systemic theories and global training.

With regard to prevention work. The agenda includes from the starting concepts to real cases, and covers the actions indicated to avoid the appearance of injuries in the footballer (prevention), as well as the treatment of injured (subsequent action) to get the template is ready for the competition .

Is there physical preparation proper? What is physical preparation contextualized? This master will allow you to answer these questions and others such as: what is the reality of training in football today ?, is it more effective the separate and decontextualized training of the physical, technical, tactical and psychological components? Define strength, endurance and speed in football? What practices can I suggest to my players to prevent certain injuries? What strategies should I follow to recover an injured player?

Start today to get the most out of your players!


1. Introduction. Philosophy of training, competition, human being, etc.

  • I. Evolution of training methodologies throughout the last decades.
  • II. New trends in soccer training.
  • III. Tactical Periodization. Brief ideas.
  • IV. Systemic methodology of the "New Model" training.
  • V. What is the state of form? New concept of the state of form.
  • SAW. Is there physical preparation?

2. Description of the environment

  • I. General description.
    • to. Description of the club.
    • b. Historical.
    • c. Structure of the club.
    • d. Facilities.
    • and. Material available
    • F. Possibilities of cooperation for different analyzes.
    • g. Technical team.
    • h. Template (Sports Curriculum of the players).
    • i. Individual performance profile of the players (explanation of the Seirul.lo structures).
    • j. Group performance profile of the players.
    • k. Collective performance profile of the players.
  • II. Formulation of objectives. DAFO-CAME technique.

3. Resistance training in collective sports

  • Introduction.
  • II. Current situation of resistance training.
  • III. Proposal for resistance training in collective sports.

to. Aerobic general resistance training.

  • Aerobic efficiency training.
  • Aerobic capacity training.
  • Power training.
  • Recovery recovery training.
  • Summary of general resistance training.

b. Specific resistance training.

  • Strength training in the technique.
  • Strength training in the technique: average intensity.
  • Strength training in the technique: maximum intensity
  • Strength training in the technique: supramaximal intensity.

c. Training resistance as decision making.

d. Training resistance training.

4. Strength training in collective sports.

  • I. Concept of force.
  • II. "Everything is strength". Strength as a basic physical ability
  • III. Strength training for performance improvement.

5. Speed training in collective sports.

  • I. Speed in soccer.
  • II. New way of understanding speed. Optimal speed?

6. Planning and Periodization

  • I. Competition calendar.
  • II. Planning, periodization, sports training, etc.
  • III. Load.
  • IV. General adaptation syndrome.
  • V. Control of training and loading.
  • SAW. Planning model - periodization.
  • VII. The preseason.
  • VIII. The season.
  • IX. Fatigue.
  • X. Recovery methods.
  • XI. The bad management of training.
    • to. Overtraining and its types.
    • b. Tapering and its applicability in football teams.

7. The invisible training

  • I. Nutrition.
  • II. The hydration
  • III. The hours of sleep.

8. The weekly structure

  • Introduction.
  • II. The game model in the training process.
  • III. The morfociclo pattern or design of the weekly training cycles.
  • IV. Microstructures: Seirul.lo.

9. The training session

  • I. The organization.
  • II. The role of the physical trainer or "football coach".
  • III. The training time.
  • IV. The warm-up.
  • V. The main part.
  • SAW. The return to calm.
  • VII. The review of the session.
  • VIII. Strategies to follow the training day.

10. Final evaluation


This Master will give you, deep knowledge on physical preparation fully adapted to football, train to play, the main trends of training, spatially, Tactic Periodization and the ways of work of Professor Paco Seirul·lo at FC BARCELONA , we always look for the physical trainer to have all the tools, knowledge, examples to work out what will happen in the match situation, always looking for maximum efficiency in sports training, or what is the same, Global Soccer Training.

Also in this Master, you will have as a complement a module Sports injury prevention, which will make your level of knowledge adapted to football, is greater because with this module you can take into account ways of working to prevent injuries and how to treat players injured with more optimal and safe recovery plans.

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