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FutureLearn Customer Experience Design for Customer Success Course - Salesforce

Customer Experience Design for Customer Success Course - Salesforce

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Learn skills that will enable you to design and implement strategies to improve both customer experience and customer success.

Discover how to optimise customer experience within the digital economy.

The customer experience (CX) management market was already valued at $6.5 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow over 17% per year until 2027. If you want a lucrative and diverse career, growing your knowledge of CX strategies and tools is a great way to capitalise on this growth and offer an increasingly valuable service to businesses across a range of industries

Created in collaboration with Salesforce, this ExpertTrack is designed to do just that. Explore customer journeys, CX design, and how you can optimise the experience in order to grow customer loyalty, average spend, and profits.

Develop skills in designing and implementing CX and customer success strategies

You’ll grow your knowledge of CX principles and CSM methodologies. You’ll come to understand the role these play across different business contexts and how to optimise customer value for particular customer segments. You’ll then learn how to develop these CX journeys in order to meet customer value within the context of wider business goals.

Learn how CRM technology can be used to foster better customer relationships and experiences

Grow your understanding of market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) software, Salesforce, and learn how you can use it to put your strategy into practice.

Start or grow your career in a growing CX market

In this era of transformation and digital innovation, barriers for new market entrants across all industries are breaking down and competition is rapidly escalating. With access to multiple digital channels where people can share buying experiences, carry out research and make key buying decisions, the consumer is now more empowered than ever before.

By learning how to connect with these customers, how to eliminate pain points, and improve their overall satisfaction, you can help your business pull ahead of the competition for stable, long-term growth.

Content for this ExpertTrack has been adapted from the Customer Experience Management with Salesforce Training Microcredential - if you want to find out more, take a look at the Microcredential which offers smaller cohorts with tutor interactions and academic credit.

Key skills you will learn

  • Customer experience design
  • Customer journeys
  • Customer success management
  • Relationship management
  • CRM technology
  • Salesforce
  • Customer experience management
  • Customer experience strategy

Learning outcomes

By the end of the ExpertTrack, you’ll be able to:

  • Map a customer journey and experience for target customer groups.
  • Outline the top-line approach to effective CX design.
  • Identify key components and methods of building successful customer relationships.
  • Identify technological opportunities to achieve the aspirational experience, focused on the application of CRM technology.
Experience required

If you wish to further your career and understanding of customer experience and customer success strategies, this ExpertTrack will equip you to succeed.

No prior experience is required to succeed in this ExpertTrack. Some prior knowledge of customer relationship management, customer success, or CX design would be beneficial but is not essential.

During the ExpertTrack, we’ll be using the Salesforce Trailblazer platform.

Getting started

This ExpertTrack will help you in better understanding the key stages of creating a positive customer experience. Specifically, it will improve the skills and enhance the employability of:

  • early-stage or aspiring customer success and experience management professionals;
  • early-career professionals looking for a CRM consultant role;
  • business development and sales professionals;
  • product and marketing professionals whose roles rely on customer data and CX design execution, or who require Salesforce skills and experience.

ExpertTrack course overview

  • Customer Experience Design for Customer Success: Effective CX Design and Customer Journeys
    Discover CX design methods and explore the importance of CX in business success.
  • Customer Experience Design for Customer Success: How to Create an Effective CX Strategy
    Identify the objectives, technologies, metrics, and stakeholders that make up an effective CX strategy.
  • Customer Experience Design for Customer Success: How to Build Customer Relationships and Measure Success
    Learn how to build better customer relationships to ensure long-term business success.

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Who will you learn with?

Ghilaine Chan

Ghilaine is passionate about allowing people to do their best work and delight others, it being the heart of customer service and success! She has over 20 years of experience scaling global service teams.

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Learn how leading industry technology provider Salesforce drives business success. Throughout the course, you will leverage Salesforce within the context of customer success.

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