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Institute of Lutheran Theology Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurial Studies
Institute of Lutheran Theology

Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurial Studies

Brookings, USA

4 Years


Full time, Part time

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USD 49,140 / per year

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The Entrepreneurial Studies degree program offers students a foundation in business and creative thinking in business-related ventures. It is designed not only to help students to learn about business finance and strategy but also to prepare students to have the entrepreneurial spirit to start new ministry projects.

Student Debt Upon Graduation

Because the B.A. is a new program, there is no current data on student debt. ILT offers financial aid for those who qualify. ILT will also give students access to federal financial aid and federal student loan programs. ILT remains committed to helping students graduate with as little debt as possible.

Cost of Courses

Tuition is $390 per credit hour or $1,170 per 3-credit course. Tuition cost is subject to change. Additional costs (application fee, books, costs associated with researching and producing the independent projects or the final project or thesis, etc.) are also the responsibility of the participant.

Total: $49,140

Courses to be Completed

The B.A. program provides a broad-based, foundational course of study for high school graduates who want to pursue undergraduate-level studies in business and entrepreneurial practice, or are preparing for ordained ministry.

Total: 120 Credits

Total Timeline

This program consists of 42 courses in business research, development, finance, and operations with a focus on critical thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit. Students can choose from a variety of professional development options. No travel is required for this program, though students may choose to participate in week-long onsite courses. Full-time students can finish this degree in 4 years and part-time students can take up to 6 years.

Total: 4 - 6 Years

Required Courses

​General Studies – 30 Credits

Communications - 6 Credits

  • COM 101: Academic Research & Writing
  • COM 102: Introduction to Communications

Humanities/Fine Arts – 12 Credits

  • CLS 111-2: Latin I, II
  • CLS 121-2: Classical Greek I, II
  • BT 201-3: Biblical Greek I, II, III
  • BT 211-2: Biblical Hebrew I, II
  • LIT 201-2: World Literature I, II
  • HIS 211-2: History of Western Civilization I, II
  • PHL 221: Intro to Eastern Philosophy
  • REL 231: Intro to World Religions

Natural Science/Mathematics – 6 Credits

  • MTH 131: Foundations of Mathematics (Required)
  • MTH 231: College Geometry
  • SCI 221: Intro to Natural Science
  • SCI 222: Intro to Physics

Social/Behavioral Sciences – 6 Credits

  • PSY 261: Intro to Psychology
  • SOC 251: Cultural Anthropology
  • SOC 271: Intro to Sociology
  • SOC 281: Intro to Political Science/Civics

Bible/Theology Requirements – 30 Credits

Biblical Theology – 21 Credits

  • BT 221: Principles of Biblical Interpretation
  • BT 311: Introduction to the Old Testament
  • BT 321: Introduction to New Testament
  • BT 351: Life of Moses
  • BT 352: Life of David
  • BT 353: Life of Jesus
  • BT 354: Life of Paul

Historical and Systematic Theology – 9 Credits

  • HST 201: Systematic Theology
  • HST 321: Luther and His Catechisms
  • HST 331: Lutheran Reformers and the Book of Concord

Entrepreneurial Studies Major – 42 Credits

  • PTE 101: Christian Vocation
  • PHL 101-2: Logic I, II
  • PHL 210-11: Intro to Western Philosophy I, II
  • PTE 241: Christian Apologetics
  • PTE 402: Entrepreneurial and Business Ethics
  • ESB 301: Entrepreneurial Research
  • ESB 302: Entrepreneurial Development
  • ESB 303: Entrepreneurial Finance
  • ESB 304: Operations Management
  • ESB 480-498: Topics in Entrepreneurial Studies (6 Credits)
  • ESB 499: Entrepreneurial Studies Capstone (inclusive of professional concentration)

Professional Concentrations – 18 Credits

Political Studies

  • COM 401: Argumentation and Debate
  • COM 402: Persuasive Writing
  • LAW 401: Civil Rights and Liberties
  • LAW 450-495: Special Topics in Law (9 credits)

Small Business Management

  • ESB 410: Small Business Creation
  • ESB 411: Success through Innovation
  • ESB 412: Small Business Marketing
  • ESB 420-439: Special Topics in Small Business (9 Credits)

Missions & Evangelism

  • SOC 251: Cultural Anthropology
  • BT 401: Biblical Theology of Mission
  • PTE 421: Theology and World Religions
  • MEV 402: Cultural Competency
  • MEV 403: Cultural Outreach
  • MEV 499: Cultural Practicum


  • Biblical Theology – 500 Level
  • Philosophical Theology and Ethics – 500 Level
  • Historical and Systematic Theology – 500 Level
  • Pastoral Theology – 500 Level

Program Learning Outcomes

Students can:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of scripture and theology.
  • Apply the concepts and skills from the business field to a venture of their choice.
  • Strategically plan in detail the launching of a new endeavor.
  • Demonstrate competencies in a chosen area of professional development.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of information literacy.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of the online application form.
  • Proof of completion of secondary education and transcripts from any post-secondary schools.
  • A letter of recommendation from a pastor/teacher/mentor.
  • Entrance writing evaluation.
  • Applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit a score from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) that is not more than two years old. Normally, the minimum acceptable scores for the TOEFL are 21 on the speaking section and 21 on the writing section. Minimum acceptable scores on the IELTS are 6.5 on the speaking section and 6.5 on the writing section. Please request that your score be sent to ILT. ILT’s DI Code for the TOEFL is 5745.
  • Registration Fee: $55 (nonrefundable).
  • Copy of official photo identification.
  • Admissions interview with Director of Enrollment Services.


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