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Educational Project

ISPGAYA intends to promote the full development of the personality of its students through an integrated technical-scientific, sociocultural and human formation.

Based on human values, ISPGAYA gives important importance to the personal and community dimension, training its students for responsible freedom, openness to the future, flexibility in change, solidarity with the world in which it is inserted, participatory responsibility, respect for the ideas and the conscience of the others and the commitment in the construction of human fraternity.

ISPGAYA also seeks to stimulate the creation, diffusion of culture and science through the CID - Research and Development Center, namely the journal Politécnica, the magazine PEC - Psychology, Education and Culture and other relevant scientific publications.


ISPGAYA - Instituto Superior Politécnico Gaya, is a Polytechnic Higher Institute, created by the Cooperative of Polytechnic Education (CEP), in 1990. ISPGAYA is structured in two higher schools, the Superior School of Social and Community Development and the Superior School of Science and Technology, and offers higher education in Accounting, Management, Tourism and different Engineering specialties.

Mission and objectives of the Institution

ISPGAYA mission is to train professionals, qualified with higher-level academic degrees, with highly developed capacities that allow them to understand scientific knowledge, develop it and apply it in their daily activity, ensuring quality and productivity to employers.

- Teaching excellence

- Practical application of knowledge

- High employability rates

- Daytime and Post-Work Schedule

- Strong connection with the local community

- Proximity in teacher-student relationship

- Modern infrastructures and laboratories with current technology

- Exchange and international mobility programs (Erasmus and Ibero-American Santander Grants)

General Objectives of ISPGAYA

- ensure high levels of quality of training;

- Ensure strategies and techniques that can contribute to increase levels of school success;

Ensure high employability rates;

- Promote the reception of foreign students and encourage the mobility of ISPGAYA students;

- Present new and innovative training offerings that respond to emerging and diagnosed areas as necessary for regional and national development;

- Attract new audiences - "training without limits";

- Consolidate and strengthen the teaching staff, enhancing their quality.


  • Av. dos Descobrimentos, 333 4400-103 Santa Marinha - V.N.Gaia GPS: N41.119680, W8.623498, , Vila Nova de Gaia