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Kozminski University Executive MBA
Kozminski University

Executive MBA

Warsaw, Poland

18 Months


Part time

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EUR 5,520 / per year *

Blended, Distance Learning

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Build your "antifragility"

I had the unique opportunity to observe the development and evolution of our MBA program for the last 40 years.

The first MBA program was conceived 100 years ago, and it became the driving force behind the development of management practices in the world of business or inside various organizations.

Saturation with managers holding an MBA diploma is definitely the highest in the United States and is certainly one of the most important factors, which makes the country's economy the most powerful in the world.

MBA programs have their own philosophy and logic. These are very comprehensive programs that allow students to acquire knowledge and skills in a wide range of fields used in broadly understood management. This versatility allows participants of the MBA program to build their "antifragility" (according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb), i.e. the ability to leave the "meeting" with "black swans" with relatively low losses.

The MBA program is a unique opportunity to exchange experiences between students, which is expressed by mastering a kind of lingua franca or specific managerial jargon. This, in turn, allows for an excellent mutual self-understanding of managers from various departments in the company, which affects the efficiency of themselves and the whole organization.

This is just a small fraction of the benefits you will get from our Executive MBA adventure.

Prof. Witold T. Bielecki
Rektor of Kozminski University
Director of Executive MBA Program

Triple Crown of Accreditations

Kozminski University holds three of the most prestigious international accreditations known as the ‘Triple Crown’ (AASCB, EQUIS, AMBA). Only 99 business schools globally (less than 1% of all business schools) enjoy such outstanding recognition. These accreditations attest to the highest internationally certified quality of educational programs administered by the university and provide assurance that graduates will obtain up-to-date skills required to handle contemporary business challenges and will be internationally recognized in various industries.

The Goal of the Executive MBA Program

The goal of the program is to provide you with a holistic perspective on the most important managerial problems. Handling tactical and strategic decisions made at the executive level, monitoring performance and taking remedial actions, addressing changes in the business environment, negotiating pivotal deals, designing flexible and efficient communication systems - all these responsibilities require diligence, technical preparedness, and emotional intelligence. Our Executive MBA is, in particular, focused on helping you to grow as a leader and change your mindset. We put a high emphasis on developing your leadership potential.

This program sets the goal of assisting you to challenge yourselves in multiple dimensions, and as a result, help you to engineer smarter solutions for sustainable value creation.


It is believed that networking, as well as relationships building, is at the very heart of every business, and we do our best to provide you with the space for such activity - during your studies and also after. We hope that even after you graduate from Kozminski University and will have your MBA diploma, we can still be in touch with you. We are always pleased to see you at our MBA Alumni Reunions, Christmas MBA Alumni Reunions, various networking events, Kozminski Lions Competition, and many, many other activities that we organize just for you!




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