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London School of Design and Marketing (PT)

London School of Design and Marketing (PT)

London School of Design and Marketing (PT)

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LSDM's E-learning teaching is characterized by high quality academic content, developed by PhD professors accompanied by other resources such as videos, infographics, scientific articles, digital libraries, among others. All students are monitored weekly through the Tutor Center composed of a team of specialized tutors who guarantee the assimilation of the contents, promoting their interactivity, interest and curiosity. All LSDM courses are exclusively online and flexible, so students can take classes anywhere, anytime.

Note: LSDM – London School of Design and Marketing is part of Talent – Individuality Through Education , a network of schools with an international vocation with over 20 years of experience in the field of education. It has a universe of educators and employees prepared to help develop talent in higher education schools in Europe and Latin America.


    Accreditation by UCA

    All LSDM courses are accredited by the University for the Creative Arts (UCA): Bachelor of Marketing - (BA Hons), Bachelor of Design - (BA Hons), Master of Marketing (MA) and Master of Design (MA).

    UCA has nearly 160 years of history and was named the best university specializing in the creative arts in the UK in the Complete University Guide 2018.

    Currently, it is also in the Top 40 ranking of universities in the United Kingdom and 11th in the ranking of modern universities, a ranking that covers 70 institutions. Among the graduates of this University are internationally recognized Oscar winners, filmmakers, animators and fashion designers.


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