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OBS Business School Master in Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and eCommerce
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Master in Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and eCommerce


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Online master that provides all the keys to sell and communicate on the internet.

Despite the global economic crisis environment of the last decade, the digital economy grows year after year, becoming one of the main engines of economic growth. The speed at which new technologies have been adapted has no historical comparison. While the radio took thirty-eight years to get an audience of fifty million people and the TV thirteen, the Internet did it in just four years. And this new technologies have catalyzed the emergence of new business models and organizations that in a few years have become leaders in their sectors. A new revolution, this time digital.

But why is the Internet such a radical change in the way we communicate and do business? Posts to enumerate arguments on the importance of the digital economy in the current society we could make an endless list, but there are some factors that distinguish it in a substantial way:

  • Interactivity and connectivity without limits. We attend the emergence of new mass media that allows multidirectional communication very efficiently, in real time and without geographical barriers.
  • The versatility Internet is really nothing more than a communication protocol, which allows it to be supported by multiple devices: TV, mobile phone, smartphones, tablets, appliances, of course, the computer. There is a dissociation between hardware and content so that users demand to be able to access their information from any device. A challenge.
  • Results measurement. Unlike other media, the Internet allows you to measure with complete accuracy the results of any campaign or action we carry out, through multiple metrics aimed at measuring, controlling and monetizing our objectives. And all in real time.
  • Transactionality and accessibility. For the first time in history we can finish the transaction within the same means of communication: It is what we call e-commerce. You look, choose, pay, you have it. All this in no more than three clicks.
  • Last but not least, the Internet is the break with traditional distribution models. Internet allows to completely disintermediate the distribution chain (and therefore of costs), so that the client-company contact becomes 100% direct.

And within this digital world, the e-commerce sector is expanding. It is a new sales and communication channel that grows thanks to the increase in internet access, mobile devices, and new demand habits. In recent years, new projects have appeared in the world of e-commerce in most economic sectors that in a few years have become leaders in their sectors. This emergence of new competitors has forced traditional retail companies to have a presence in the digital world. New paradigms are necessary to succeed in these sectors.

And in order to be successful in this sector, it is necessary to acquire a series of skills and abilities to be able to conceptualize, implement and manage a business based on e-commerce.

With the Master of Digital Marketing and E-commerce you will get the necessary training to boost your career in this area by becoming an expert in online digital marketing.


eCommerce Institute

OBS Business School has obtained the membership of the eCommerce Institute of Latin America, a non-profit institution that develops its activity supporting and encouraging the Digital Economy in the different countries of Latin America with the main objective of promoting initiatives that consolidate and promote the world of Internet business.

Marketing Club Barcelona

We are a member of the Academic Council of the Club Marketing Barcelona association, an organization that works to create, develop and promote an enabling environment for Barcelona to be one of the international reference capitals in marketing, connecting talent and resources in this ambit.


  • Preparation Google Ads Certification
  • FB Blueprint Certification Preparation



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