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Online Marketing Institute


With an exclusive focus on digital marketing, Online Marketing Institute (OMI) is uniquely positioned to bring you the latest practical, real-world knowledge to keep you ahead of the game. You’re busy. That’s why we develop highly focused 5-10 minute lessons that you can access from work, home, or mobile on your schedule.

Our wide-ranging curricula provide fresh takes on the most important digital topics, taught by subject matter experts who are also exceptional teachers. So you not only stay current, you stay inspired.

Online Marketing Institute works with you to assess proficiency and knowledge gaps. We will craft a training program to help employees master the critical tactics and strategies that drive business growth.

With Digital Marketing Training, you can train your teams on digital marketing tools, tactics & strategies. Industry leaders teach video micro-lessons on today’s most important and relevant digital marketing topics. Fully customizable & branded portal lets you select the content and learning pathways that are right for your business, by region, department or individual. Reporting dashboard, Digital Diagnostic IQ and other engagement tools let you identify knowledge gaps and track your team’s progress.

Custom Training provides on-demand, video training to your workforce or customers in a private learning portal that is fully customized to meet your business’ needs. Onboard customers and train them on your product to ensure they truly understand and utilize it to its maximum potential, increasing customer loyalty. You can utilize your own content or let Online Marketing Institute produce classes using the latest instructional design methods. You can include important tools such as a tracking and reporting dashboard, assessments, homework and learning paths.


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