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Open University BA (Honours) in Business Management and Languages
Open University

BA (Honours) in Business Management and Languages

Online United Kingdom

3 Years


Full time, Part time

05 Sep 2024

Oct 2024

GBP 21,816 *

Distance Learning

* total cost; part-time at a rate of 60 credits is £3,636 per year


This degree allows you to combine business management with French, German or Spanish. You’ll divide your study equally between both subjects. You’ll explore how businesses develop strategies, handle risk and make decisions. You’ll see what’s involved in functions such as marketing, accounting and finance. Combining this with the study of a modern language opens doors to other cultures and communities and can provide a key to the global workplace. The name of your degree will reflect your chosen language (e.g. BA (Honours) Business Management and German).

Key features

  • Develop your understanding of business organisations and their key elements.
  • Explores wider considerations such as environments, markets and processes, and how they work together.
  • Develops you into a proficient user of your chosen language, reaching level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Develops advanced knowledge of the cultures that use your chosen language.
  • Improves competence in intercultural communication.


Our qualifications are as accessible as possible, and we have a comprehensive range of support services. Our BA (Honours) in Business Management and Languages uses a variety of study materials and includes the following elements:

  • Online study – most modules are online; some have a mix of printed and online material. Online learning resources could include websites, audio/video, and interactive activities
  • Online tutorials
  • Group-work
  • Using and producing diagrams and screenshots
  • Practical work
  • Finding external/third-party material online
  • Accessing online catalogues and databases
  • Assessment in the form of short-answer questions, essays, and examinations
  • Feedback – continuous assessment includes input from your tutor and using this to improve your performance
  • Pre-determined schedules – we’ll help you to develop your time-management skills
  • Embedded online school (OU level 2 languages)

How long it takes

  • Part-time study - 6 years
  • Full-time study - 3 years
  • Time limit - 16 years

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