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OSTELEA | Distancia Higher Course in Tourism Business Management Online
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Higher Course in Tourism Business Management Online

Spain Online, Spain

9 Months


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Main characteristics of the Course in Tourism Business Management

Currently in our country, the tourism sector is one of the basic engines of economic development and job creation, both from companies directly related to the sector and from companies whose activity is in some way linked to the tourism or tourist sector. as a prospective customer.

The intention of the Tourism Business Management Program is to respond to this approach and make known the different areas of the tourism sector and the latest trends.

With the objective that the participants in the program develop competencies for the direction and management of companies related to the tourism sector, the different functional areas of the company will be addressed, with the focus always placed on the sector and the / the potential customer to whom the business is directed.

The first block aims to offer an overview of the sector and a strategic reflection on the company. The second block focuses on marketing and the tourist understood as a consumer: what defines consumers today and how to reach them and, above all, how to satisfy their expectations. The third module focuses on aspects related to company management: from basic accounting issues or people and systems management to tools for business management. In the fourth block, in addition to offering an overview of the new trends in the sector, the keys to implement a new service are detailed. Finally, those competences oriented to the development of personal and professional skills of the participants are worked on.

Advantages of studying this master's degree in Ostelea

  • Online mode
  • Possibility of places with scholarship
  • Open convocatory
  • Financing and aid program

Objectives of the Online Tourism Business Management Program

  • Knowledge of the tourism sector: How to become familiar with its different areas and position the company's position in the sector.
  • Application of marketing to the sector: Understand the decisive aspects of marketing applied to the sector, satisfy the expectations of the tourist as a consumer and the main communication and promotion channels.
  • Resource management: Mastering the main aspects and tools of managing a company's resources (accounting, people management).
  • Design of products and services: Develop creativity and innovation in the industry and its sustainable management through comprehensive and specialized training, qualifying participants to assume positions of responsibility in event organization companies or in Protocol areas of institutions.
  • Management skills: Develop the necessary management skills of a global manager of companies in the tourism sector to get the members of your team to carry out collaborative, assertive and participatory work.

Curriculum for the Course in Tourism Business Management

Module 1. Orientation to the tourist company

  • The location of tourism.
  • Tourism of experiences.
  • Congress and business tourism.
  • Strategic vision.
  • Definition of value propositions.
  • Market orientation. Segmentation.
  • Orientation to the digital company.

Module 2. The marketing mix and the tourist as consumer

  • Channels of distribution and sale.
  • Communication and promotion.
  • Price management.
  • Tourism products and services.
  • Characteristics of the current consumer.
  • Trends and opportunities.
  • Technology for the benefit of the customer.
  • Client experience.

Module 3. Resource management

  • Way to pay. Accounting.
  • People Management.
  • Legal indications.
  • The management of purchases.
  • Business management systems.
  • Planning and project management.

Module 4. Design of products and services

  • Innovation.
  • Definition of new products and services.
  • From the idea to the business opportunity.
  • New tourist services in trips, restaurants and events.
  • The moments of truth.

Module 5. Professional development tools

  • Management of work teams.
  • Public speaking.
  • Presentations.
  • Manage meetings.

Triple degree after completing the Program in Tourism Business Management

In order to enroll in this higher program, it is necessary to have a Baccalaureate degree or a Middle Degree Training Cycle.

The participant who successfully completes the program will obtain a triple degree:

  • The title of Higher Program in Tourism Business Management by Ostelea, Tourism Management School.
  • The title of Higher Program in Tourism Business Management from EAE Business School.
  • The degree from the University of Lleida.

Financing and financial aid program

With the intention of adapting to the needs and circumstances of each student, we have devised different scholarship programs.

Integral Development SMEs

At Ostelea we are aware of the specific needs of SMEs. That is why the strengthening and implementation of strategies to improve competitiveness and the integral development of both the organizations and the people who form them are key.

Executive Woman

Did you know that more than 40% of the students in Ostelea's programs are women with an average age of 33 years? The statistics speak for themselves. At Ostelea we train women who are in full professional and personal maturity, and who need to balance their family, personal and educational life. In order to strengthen, promote and consolidate the professional activity of women, our school presents an aid program for this professional segment. Two of the essential attributes for the candidacy to be valued are managerial potential and leadership ability.

Accredited Disability

At Ostelea we want to contribute to the professional development of people with disabilities, that is why we created the aid program for this group.

Academic excellence

Those candidates who prove that they have an academic record higher than a 9.5 average score will be able to access the Academic Excellence Scholarship.


A scholarship aimed especially at SME managers, freelancers and professionals who want to undertake a business project.


Oriented to managers, middle managers and qualified professionals who aspire to positions of responsibility.

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