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Hotelfernschule Poppe+Neumann

Hotelfernschule Poppe+Neumann

Hotelfernschule Poppe+Neumann


Poppe & Neumann - tradition, experience, success

In-service training - professional and tailored to the needs of the industry.

With now more than 120 years on the market the hotel Fernschule Poppe & Neumann is the oldest educational institution for the people in the hotel and catering industry, in the catering and restaurant chains.

More than 100,000 successful graduates and a growing subscriber traffic make the hotel Fernschule Poppe & Neumann for most participants educational institution in the industry.

With our certified and accredited distance learning programs, methodically and didactically optimal teaching material with absolute practical experience and our personal attention to create your training target for sure!

Our pass rates at the IHK exams are always well above average. The main reason is that we from the date of notification to the successful completion of the IHK examination really care about you.

The management team at Hotel Fernschule Poppe & Neumann has many years of experience. Respected lecturers (subject teachers and managers from the industry) are (classroom) for the high standards of audit-intensifying seminars.

"Grandfather, father and son have already made their training with the hotel Fernschule Poppe & Neumann - we wait for the grandchildren."


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