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Rushford Business School MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Online)
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MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Online)

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An interest in startups has gained traction in recent years, but a few survive in the long run. A part of the failure is attributed to business uncertainties, market paradigms changes, and escalating complexities in business operations. However, the reasons for failure can be wide-ranging to include lack of vision, inadequate communication, insufficient market knowledge, inability to handle risks, and lack of foresightedness. As markets have become highly competitive, starting and running a venture needs the right balance of qualification and experience.

Whether you want to expand your vision or pursue growth in your existing career path, an advanced entrepreneurship program will help you make a difference in applying core entrepreneurial skills and competencies. It will equip you with the necessary skills to deal with market uncertainties and dynamism. Comprehensive knowledge is also integral to identifying potential business opportunities, capitalizing on strengths, and overcoming obstacles that can otherwise prove problematic. The program will help you grow as a visionary and poised entrepreneur who can build, scale, and develop ideas confidently and clearly. You will foster strategic decision-making skills, planning skills, and risk-mitigation approaches to enhance your chances of success as a business manager. The program will introduce you to game-changing ideas that will strengthen your efficacy at each step of business management and entrepreneurship. You will excel in various domains, including networking, engaging with investors, and tapping the right opportunities at the right time.

Overall, the module will develop your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to benefit society and the economy. You will initiate innovation to foster social and organizational development; new ideas and venture creation will also nurture the economy in terms of job creation, competitiveness, and economic development. Different aspects of the program, such as marketing, economics, finance, and leadership, will help you align business goals with social perspectives. You will learn about ethical business practices, which will enhance your social contribution and CSR management.

Why you should study MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • 10% increase in entrepreneurial activities in 2019 compared to the previous year; the highest level in the past 21 years-The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report 2019/2020
  • 12% of respondents mentioned business and food as the most popular industries for entrepreneurs, followed by e-commerce (11 percent), health/fitness ( 9 percent), and residential services ( 7 percent)- A survey conducted by Guidant Financial.
  • 24% increase in business formations in 2020- US Census Bureau Report



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