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SESEF - Società Europea per i Servizi e la Formazione

SESEF - Società Europea per i Servizi e la Formazione

SESEF - Società Europea per i Servizi e la Formazione


there SESEF (European Society for Services and Training) Is a company whose main purpose is the design, delivery and implementation of Higher Education activities.

Quality Certification, Formatemp accreditation are just some of the awards that our company has gained over the years.

The SESEF Is innovation, transparency, concreteness, dynamism and strong orientation towards customer satisfaction. Every day we work in Two directions:

  1. Improve the internal work environment
  2. Dedicate all our efforts to the satisfaction of our coursers

Too easy? There is really no need for it, in a complex economy we often lose sight that simplicity is the source of a company's success and our success is just this:

Work better all of us within the SESEF to convey this happiness and serenity to the outside.

Thanks to this simple strategy the SESEF It increases its results each year and not just economic. Thanks to this simple strategy the SESEF Today is a reality that in a few years has become an example for other societies that try to imitate it, so many are the schools that reproach our courses and Master.

There is little concern for us, and in some ways we are unhappy, because in the end only our classmates can say they have done a MASTER SESEF.

Didactic Methodology

Our teaching methodology has only one goal:

"Filling the gap between the university experience and the needs of the world of work"

The areas of action are subdivided into 3 macroaree:


Particular attention will be given to knowing how to develop that area means MOLTING the possibilities of INSERIMENT after the Stage (the famous Placement)!

So what does it mean to be in a business environment:

  • RELAXING: Communicate, get in touch
  • INTERPRETING: perceiving and decrypting the context
  • AFFIT: creativity, autonomy and decision
  • Know how to be in the organization system
  • Being able to be in social contact
  • Know how to be in professionalism (problem finding and problem solving)
  • Know how to be in the experience gained

In conclusion, therefore, our method is simply PRACTICAL, teachers are beyond experts in matter, industry professionals, their lesson will never be theoretical, but always and consistently a life lesson lived in the company.

That's why our slogan is:



The facilitations for enrolled members of the Courses and Master's can be found among the following: For each Course or Master, depending on its location and typology, all or part of the facilities listed may be provided:

  • Free accommodation in the classroom for those who are not resident in the province in which they are held;
  • Educational material on paper and / or multimedia media;
  • Possibility to extend the full amount of the registration fee in 6 tranches;
  • Professional tools for finding the stage;
  • Possibility of free meals and / or accommodation during the stage;
  • Reduction of 50% on the entire online catalog of SESEF.


  • via Posca 19, 70124, Bari