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Global Qualifications for Global Positions

Shipping College is a global college with offices in London.

We offer Global Qualifications for Global Positions.

Join the exciting world of shipping, freight forwarding, logistics and multinational trade through our international web-based courses.

Our courses provide you with the practical knowledge to further your career or join the world of global trade in the comfort of your home or office.

Our specialised tutors are highly qualified in their fields with more than 20 years' experience.

Each student is assigned a personal e-Tutor to guide and assist them with their studies.

Why Choose Us

1. Our Courses

The courses are adapted and personalised to suit your needs and lifestyle and are of the highest quality. Our courses are practical and easy to understand and implement in the work environment. Your online course is facilitated by your personal e-Tutor and a Personal Course Plan is sent to you each week by your e-Tutor to assist you to meet your study schedule.

2. Our Students' Successes

Our students go on to achieve their personal business objectives by enriching their knowledge base through our courses. This gives them the confidence to pursue their career ambitions and accelerate their career progress.

3. Global Accreditation and Membership

Our courses are accredited and recognised by The World Shipping Institute ShippingCollege is on the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKRL).

4. Unique learning environment

At ShippingCollege our unique learning environment allows you to fulfil your learning ambitions and to do this in your time and at your pace. This would be in the comfort of your home or office, where you have easy online access to our modules. We are accessible to all students across the globe.

5. Our e-Campus and Global Network

Students have 24/7 access to information via our online campus, accessing our course portal and library. We have recently added a student forum for questions and networking. You will be part of the global network we have created through our online Student Forum.

6. Training Professionals

Our course writers are international experts with 20+ years of experience in this specialised industry. We are recognised as training professionals. Our professional licences, associations and memberships help keep us in touch with the shipping community, the same shipping community that we are training you to join or assist your growth within it.

Our Mission and Vision

To learn is more empowering than to be taught

Our Mission

The mission of ShippingCollege is to provide students with a dynamic education based on excellence and flexibility that creates lasting value and relevance for evolving careers.

To learn is more empowering than to be taught, which is why we focus on practically applicable knowledge. We impart skills in the quest for applicable outcomes.

Our Vision

ShippingCollege will be the recognised leader in the evolution of online learning for the Maritime Shipping, Clearing and Forwarding and Global Logistics industries.

Living Our Values

We accomplish our mission by living our values, aiming to achieve the highest levels of:

  • Respect: ShippingCollege faculty and staff hold the highest regard for each other, our students, our communities and our environment.
  • Innovation: We value new, viable ideas and rigorously promote them to ensure that course content is relevant and engaging.
  • Service-oriented: Through instruction and guidance, we serve the needs of our students with knowledge and skills, putting others before ourselves.
  • Teamwork: By supporting each other, we accomplish more than what is possible individually.
  • Integrity: Our personal and professional behaviour is guided by honesty, ethics and conscience.

Achieving Our Purpose

Our purpose is to impart knowledge and skills that help students achieve their dreams. We make training accessible, stimulating and convenient for eager minds globally.

Dedicated to upholding ShippingCollege’s purpose and values, our faculty:

  • Strives for continuous renewal and innovation
  • Creates a participative and collaborative culture
  • Engages in ongoing academic and professional development
  • Values diversity and encourages respect for contributions from all cultures
  • Fosters success and upholds quality

Quality of Service and Flexibility of Studying Options

  • Providing flexible quality course content that is practically required in the particular field of study.
  • Focusing on mastering practical skills and techniques
  • Providing online courses for flexible learning approach

Quality of Service

One may think that the quality of service should be the visible preparation, classroom setting, basic hygiene, classroom size, or well-prepared course structure.

However, we think the real quality of service is invisible qualities – the ability of tutors, the generosity of support and care, and the heart of the college for students even though these two qualities should have balance.

At ShippingCollege we deliver on these invisible qualities.

Flexibility of Studying Options

Our flexible learning method proves our care and support for our students and learners.

Personal e-Tutors that understand and listen to their students.

Our understanding that our students often work full time and require flexibility and understanding in achieving their goals.


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