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Master Facility Management


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¿Por Qué Realizar Este Máster?

It will open your mind to another way of conceiving facility management, to understanding it as a wide range of disciplines organized under a single roof capable of generating real impact on your organization.

The work environment is a competitive tool of the first magnitude that, with adequate management and placing the employee at the center of our management, can provide differentiation with respect to the competition in the quality of the product or service supplied.

Facility Management brings together various areas of action to support the rest of the departments in the company while creating the best possible working conditions, optimizing the cost and operation of services to the property/s of a company.

The Facility Management discipline is the result of a profound transformation of work dynamics, which has changed extraordinarily in the last twenty years. This change represents the basic origin of the emergence of Facility Management or Management, operation and maintenance of buildings and general services.

As a consequence of this evolution, today companies are different, the type of work is different, the pace of change is constant, and digitalization is part of the employee's life and the needs and requirements of people regarding their workspace and The facilities have increased significantly. All of these changes have had greater relevance in the services sector and in activities that do not have a direct link with production.

The structure of the master's degree is based on the requirements that the international facility management association considers essential for every professional to know to validate their certification process in this discipline. The program navigates through the 11 disciplines, providing knowledge to the student at different levels from different professionals with a wide range of professional experiences and sectors of origin, with cutting-edge content and state-of-the-art technologies that impact the facilities sector. They will allow the student to incorporate this knowledge into their daily lives in a practical way.


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