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Structuralia Master in Big Data and Business Analytics

Master in Big Data and Business Analytics


1 Years


Full time

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¿Por Qué Realizar Este Máster?

Currently, companies raffle off data specialists: Experts in big data, business intelligence, data analysts and machine learning. Become one of them!

According to the most important consulting firms in the technology sector, in the coming years the demand for profiles in the field of Business Intelligence will have grown so exponentially that it will be impossible to meet it. We hear the expression Big Data everywhere, but do we know what it refers to?

In this master's degree we will see where Big Data fits within the needs of companies today. It is no longer just another alternative, but one of the essential components of useful technology that influences and will influence our daily lives, even if we do not realize it and resist accepting it. Every day new practical applications and solutions are found to traditional problems that could not be solved before.

In short, we are talking about a large volume of data, highly variable and volatile, and processing it in record time. You will be able, as an expert in Big Data and Analytics, to advise companies on better decision-making after collecting, analyzing and interpreting the large amount of data they generate today. Are you willing to specialize in a world of constant change and advancement?

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