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Swiss School of Business and Management Online Swiss-French Dual Degree DBA Program
Swiss School of Business and Management

Online Swiss-French Dual Degree DBA Program


24 Months


Full time

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Feb 2025

EUR 12,000 / per course *

Distance Learning

* this price includes all online program related costs. Additional costs may apply in some circumstances


Our comprehensive DBA program is meticulously designed to elevate your expertise and propel your professional journey forward. Accessible entirely online, our curriculum offers a diverse range of courses tailored to align with your career ambitions.

In partnership with the esteemed ISMAC International Business School, our Dual Degree DBA program zeroes in on four pivotal areas, each intricately linked to the international landscape:

  • Innovation & Disruption
  • Global Economic Perspectives
  • International Management
  • Technology & People

Upon completion, you’ll earn a Swiss-French Dual Degree DBA, receiving 120 ECTS credits and positioning yourself for success in today’s competitive landscape.

For the online learning system, we are using the platform used by Harvard and MIT.

Earn your Swiss French Dual Degree DBA in 24 months or less while continuing to work and building your on-the-job experience. The program takes place Online.

All of the lectures follow high standards and are delivered by our professors. Our professors will keep you engaged, and motivated and will provide high-quality teaching experience so you leverage your professional development and advance your career.



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