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Tati University College

Tati University College

Tati University College


TATIUC was formerly known as Terengganu Advanced Technica Institute (TATI) and was inaugurated in November 1993.

It started out on a temporary campus in Sultan Zainal Abidin University (formerly known as KUSZA), Kuala Terengganu in July 1994.

TATIUC was relocated to the permanent campus in Teluk Kalong, Kemaman in July 1996.

The establishment of TATIUC was not only an initiative of state government but was also as a result of cooperation from federal government and private companies. It is a continuous effort to fill the best quality manpower in the marketplace.

This collaboration established a multi-focal management team that is not only responsible for managing but also financing TATIUC establishment.


In 1999, TATIUC was one of the earliest private higher education institutions which were officially granted with LAN Accreditation.

This is a requirement by Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) for educational institutions providing post-secondary or higher education.

TATIUC was honoured with ISO 9001:2000 in 2004 and ISO 9001:2008 in 2010.

This is a prestigious award in recognition of its quality management system. This award is certainly a breakthrough for TATIUC and reinforced its already strong presence in the education industry.

The most significant milestone in TATI history so far arrived on 27 May 2007, when it was officially upgraded to University College status bearing the name as TATI University College (TATIUC).

This recognition is a boost for TATIUC to continue upholding the quality of its teaching and learning environment to fulfil the holistic needs of its students and meet Malaysia's agenda of a world-class, high-income economy.


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