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Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Impact MBA in Green Marketing & Innovation
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

Impact MBA in Green Marketing & Innovation


12 Months


Part time

Sep 2024

EUR 307 / per month

Distance Learning


Our MBA in Green Marketing & Innovation merges in-depth know-how in innovation, marketing, and sustainability. This program equips learners to lead market-driven innovations and apply truly green marketing strategies, fostering sustainable brands and consumer behavior change.

This program is designed for business and MarComms professionals ready to pioneer the transition to truly green and holistic brand building. Dive into the core elements of green marketing as you learn to master market-driven innovations and deliver sustainable brand strategies. Throughout this program you’ll develop the expertise and skills to guide consumer behavior towards environmentally-friendly practices, enhancing your organization's marketing impact. Our project-based curriculum offers hands-on experience, readying you to build sustainable brands and establish new benchmarks in responsible and sustainable business practices.

Program Highlights

Innovation and Marketing: Specializing in the unique intersection of innovation, marketing, and sustainability, preparing for leadership in green brand building.

Green Marketing Application: Applying green marketing strategies in real-world scenarios, understanding their impact and effectiveness.

Sustainable Business Innovation: Learning how to steer innovative processes and strategies that emphasize sustainability and market impact.

Market-Driven Sustainable Strategies: Developing market-based strategies that drive sustainable innovations and brand transformations.

Engaging in Practical, Real-World Projects: Growing a versatile skillset by tackling projects based on real-world scenarios, and collaborating closely with industry mentors and partners.


Our commitment to 21st-century education is highlighted by our pursuit of excellence and accreditation. As an officially state-recognized private university in Germany, we are governed by the Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (HMWK). To uphold the highest standards of academic rigor, each of our study programs has received additional accreditation from its respective governing authority.

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