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The mission of International University of La Rioja Is the integral formation of the students in the competences demanded by the current society.

LINK Is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of all stakeholders involved in the process (students, teachers and researchers, management and services staff, public administrations and society in general), through quality training that seeks improvement Continuity and excellence.

We have a special sensitivity to cater for those who for various reasons can not access the site centers, or who can, prefer to opt for more open and innovative solutions to emerging technologies open on the network.

Social responsibility guides the policy of LINK Towards such basic themes as:

  • Enabling access to university education to anyone with suitable previous training, wants to do it and eliminate the barriers of distance, timing, place, cultural and social to prevent it.
  • Implement teaching and research resources through the development of emerging technologies, thereby possible to offer a high-level education, with special attention to those requiring cultural, technical and social changes.


The values ​​of the International University of La Rioja are:

  • Commitment to student success.
  • Customizing teaching tasks with accompanying students throughout their studies and job placement support.
  • Constant innovation in teaching and learning methodology care.
  • Development and promotion of entrepreneurship.
  • Responsiveness to the expectations of the groups of students, teaching and research staff, administration and services, public administrations and society in general.
  • Offer degrees and programs that meet the needs of society.
  • Careful attention to the quality of teaching and resources.
  • Open to the international dimensions of university education approach.

University Idea

Reaching a higher level in knowledge is a desire that people have always had, and Aristotle expresses clearly when he states that "by nature all men desire to know." This explains why the University - the seat of higher knowledges - is today the oldest civil institution in Western civilization. That the University continues to exist, despite the profound social changes, has been possible also because it has managed to maintain its basic characteristics, within the novelties that in each historical period have had to be introduced.

In UNIR we think that the main basic characteristics that must be preserved in the university are the following:

  • The University, as Alfonso X the Wise said, is a conjunction between teachers and students, driven by the desire to generate and disseminate knowledge , as well as to learn them. This conjunction explains that teachers can not only be researchers, but must be aware of their educational responsibility and not merely instructive.
  • The University has the vocation to reach a true knowledge , based on a deep reflection that seeks the evidence through a critical exercise of reason, regardless of the ideas that are or are no longer in fashion or what the groups intend to impose Of opinion in each era.
  • The University has a task both of remoteness and closeness. Therefore, it has to investigate basic, theoretical and general problems, in a work apparently disconnected from the social circumstances of the moment. But it is also called to collaborate in solving the problems of the environment in which it moves , firstly through the training of competent professionals, capable of working with an attitude of service towards the rest of the people with whom they live, in A constant pursuit of the common good.
  • The University will always maintain an atmosphere of respect and academic courtesy , above the discrepancy in ideas. Seneca's words that man is a sacred thing for man, already express the notion of the dignity of the human being, which must always be recognized and promoted, and whose respect must remain as the background of all the work of the human being. University community

In addition to these characteristics, UNIR, the university on the internet, has as a specific project to render the new technologies at the service of university studies. Specifically, there are three methodological features that should be highlighted. Firstly, UNIR aims to achieve a Effective teaching individually focused on each student, Adapting the pace of their training to their specific circumstances. This aspiration, in the second term, means that UNIR provides a tutor to each student, Which avoids the possible problems of anonymity or overcrowding, so frequent in higher education. By last, UNIR ensures the full commitment of faculty and management staff to the success of each student, Who embarks, sometimes with notable sacrifices, in the adventure of achieving a university degree.


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  • Logroño

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