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Universitat Carlemany (UCMA)

Universitat Carlemany (UCMA)

Universitat Carlemany (UCMA)


As a society, we face complex, multifaceted challenges that require urgent action. We don't know what the world will look like in 2050, but we do know that we will need brilliant professionals who can tackle these issues in new ways. That is why the Carlemany University was born with the desire to actively contribute to providing solutions to one of the greatest challenges facing society in this century: sustainable development. Our goal is to contribute together with states, organizations and individuals in the achievement of a development capable of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In this way, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development constitutes one of the central axes in the mission and commitment of the Carlemany University , both in the field of management and in that of research and teaching.

We are an international online university and we offer interdisciplinary training that allows our students to understand and act from different angles, and face the challenges of society, from digitization to environmental sustainability both in private organizations and in public bodies.

We believe in the initial and permanent training of professionals and researchers as a factor for change and permanent improvement. Both as personal and professional improvement, as improvement of our organizations and finally improvement of the environment.

Sustainable Development necessarily calls for an interdisciplinary approach that allows us to consider the social, economic and environmental implications of our decisions and development actions. That is why we focus learning around problems rather than areas of discipline . Science and technology as the basis of development, design as a process for the search for sustainable solutions to development needs, business management that ensures the viability of projects or communication as a tool for social action, mark the main lines of action of this interdisciplinary vision.

Finally, whatever the field of study, we pay special attention to the necessary skills as people and professional skills in an environment that is increasingly changing every day and with more complex challenges: such as commitment, creativity, the ability to make decisions, adaptation to change, and entrepreneurship.

All this from an international and expert teaching staff , who participate both in research projects and in the professional application of knowledge and in innovation projects.

Our teaching offer consists of 3-year bachelors, 1-year specialization bachelors and 2-year masters; All degrees are adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) , also known as the Bologna Plan, which is why they are valid and recognized in all the states that are part of it.

"We are building a university that prepares students to tackle the world's most important and complex problems." General Director of the Carlemany University

Our Pillars

Practical Approach

The focus of our activity is focused on offering quality training that allows the employability of our students , and that adjusts to the needs of our environment. That is why the university has a very close relationship with the business fabric, the productive system and society as a whole, designing programs that promote the acquisition of skills and abilities demanded now and in the future, from collaboration to creativity. In the same way, our focus is focused on supporting our students to develop solutions to problems and challenges that society presents us , acting the university as an innovation hub, giving prominence to the student, and promoting entrepreneurship and job placement of graduates.

Interdisciplinary approach

The interdisciplinary nature of the university implies the formation of a multidisciplinary teaching team . Each of the professors, professors, and professional experts who are part of the teaching team has a long history of study and contribution to society. All programs provide the opportunity to transcend each discipline and train professionals with a capacity for analysis and decision making from a global vision .

International Approach

The student body is the center of all university activity that is mainly focused on promoting gender equality policies and positioning the institution as accessible and inclusive . Our strong international vocation is reflected both in the approach of the lesson plans and in the composition of the student body, and that is why our objective is to develop teaching and research activity in a global environment, promoting diversity as the engine of more robust solutions. The university opens its doors to international cooperation with institutions and teachers with the same desire to create a better world, whatever its origin.


To train people capable of leading transformation projects with a global and interdisciplinary vision and anchored in the foundations of sustainable development.


To be an agent of change for a better world; a magnet that attracts students, teachers, companies, institutions, professionals and citizens with the aim of seeking solutions to the challenges of society.


  • Commitment: We are committed to quality, to sustainable development, to transformation, and to employability, providing our students with the best experience.
  • Collaboration: We work as a team to find the best solutions.
  • Flexibility: We are agile when it comes to adapting our offer and methodology to the changing needs of our environment.
  • Diversity: We value differences of opinion, gender and any other type and we promote inclusion in all areas as a source of creativity.


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