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Westford University College MSc Digital Marketing and e-Business
Westford University College

MSc Digital Marketing and e-Business

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12 Months


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Aug 2024

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The MSc in Digital Marketing and e-Business offered by Westford Uni College in collaboration with Abertay University is accredited by Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). It serves academic and professional requirements of students as well as professionals across varying career paths and levels within the field of marketing and e-business.

Along with focusing on development of practical skills, it delves deep and addresses key topics that facilitate professional growth. At the same time, it covers the subject matter in broader framework that allows learners and opportunity to build upon pre-existing knowledge and experience, at the same time, fill the necessary knowledge gaps.

The programme introduces students to varying digital platforms, their uses, and functions. It also gives an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each of the digital channels and addresses methods of utilising available resources.

The programme is embedded with new theories and best-practices, to assure efficiency and support learners with remaining updated about the latest trends in the industry.

Evaluation of the programme will be based on assignments, presentations, and practical course work. Classroom examination may also be a part of the assessment criteria depending on the nature of the modules.

Westford Uni Online aims to create corporate-ready individuals who will be able to advance in their careers or implement their learning outcomes to self-owned businesses, yielding into professional growth. By the end of the degree course, learners will be able to:

Program Highlights:

  • Synthesise knowledge in a diverse range of marketing and business theories and apply them to practical marketing and e-business challenges.
  • Use insights into the global nature of digital marketing and ecommerce to successfully manage global marketing and business teams.
  • Efficiently collaborate with clients, consumers, and stakeholders in the development of marketing and e-business strategies for a variety of platforms.
  • Apply relevant marketing and commerce solutions to select scenarios and case studies to support the development and implementation of strategic objectives.
  • Critically evaluate the global digital marketing environment and make evidence-based recommendations for strategy and e-business.

Why you should do this Program

Academic excellence

This MSc programme is taught through an amalgamation of academic modules, training for technical & soft skills and updating existing knowledge to meet present-day industry standards. It is designed in a manner that ensures professionals have the required knowledge and practice to progress in their careers. The curriculum is comprised of courses, that have international recognition. It is created as well as delivered by, prominent and qualified faculty members at Westford Uni Online. Degree programs are delivered with keen attention to high-quality teaching, ground-breaking research and extensive links with employers and business leaders in the UK and around the world.

Progression Opportunities

The modules and sessions address topics and cover study material that are deemed essential for professionals to further grow in their careers with updated knowledge and best practices applicable to the industry. Additionally, the degrees are widely recognised, which gives professionals an opportunity to bank on the credibility of the programme that they are pursuing. Many of Westford Uni Online’s students have attested to receiving promotions and acquiring senior managerial positions soon after completion of their MBA degrees with the institution.


There are four pillars of strength that Westford is founded upon-

✓ Delivery of quality education

✓ Accessibility

✓ Credibility and

✓ Affordability.

Westford Uni Online offers flexible payment methods. These benefits are in addition to the various scholarships that can be availed at Westford Uni Online.

CIM Accredited

Abertay University has collaborated with Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), to assure the academic quality of the programme - MSc Digital Marketing and e-Business. CIM is an awarding body in the UK that awards marketing professionals with the certifications of ‘Chartered Marketer’. Westford Uni Online takes keen interest in the quality of programme that is being offered and delivered to its students. Degrees with external accreditations further amplify the value of education received. They also open gates for students to expand their networks and become a part of a wider professional circle.



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