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Spain Business School is a new private, independent and plural business school with a very important social function. We could indicate that we are facing one of the few social business schools if not the only one.

It is formed by professionals with extensive experience in teaching and who wish to share their knowledge, providing value to society. We want to give service and training to talented people, regardless of age, race or requirements.

Spain Business School focuses on business, legal and operational training, following a high quality eLearning methodology used by the main business schools of the world.

pixelSpain Business School present the recognition of the international community as quality online training thanks to its faculty, the high demand of academic programs and the competitive cost system./>

The mission

The mission and vision of the Spain Business School

  • They guide decision making.
  • The focus on excellence and service.
  • The formative growth of society.

The values

Values ​​are based on people since companies are communities of people.

  • Respect others, personally and professionally. Business management focused on people.
  • Spirit of service and excellence in quality as a means of good work.
  • Humility, ability to learn and listen.
  • Integrity and teamwork.
  • Social commitment
  • Internationalization
  • Entrepreneurship


The online training developed by Spain Business School is based on a new model of distance education that reconciles and complements technological advances and learning. Teaching is equivalent to face-to-face teaching, but allowing you to adjust the timetables to your availabilities, being able to combine training with professional and personal dedication.

The online methodology allows reaching the training objectives through participation and interaction. The participants have a totally active role, intervening in a series of activities and debates that will force them to interact with their teacher as well as with their own program partners.

During the program, the student must regularly enter the virtual campus to have a continuous follow-up:

  • Case method, system used by the main international business schools.
  • Study material.
  • Participation in practical case studies.
  • Discussion and discussion forums with teachers and students.
  • Videoconferences as a virtual class in direct or deferred mode where the teacher develops concepts and contents encouraging debate and work in the coming weeks.

There will be a continuous student-teacher feedback to enrich the teaching, encouraging the student to identify the main problems and prioritize topics such as time management. The traditional teacher becomes tutor or facilitator being its main functions:

  • Guide students to the learning of content, responding to their queries, correcting activities and pointing out what aspects they should deepen.
  • Encouraging the whole group in a positive way, creating an adequate climate for learning and raising debate topics.
  • Track the participation of the students, evaluating the learning and making a daily feedback.

A quality online program offers the following advantages:

  • Reconciliation between your personal, work and study time. Opportunity to pursue higher education without interrupting work planning.
  • Saving. Cost of transportation, travel, time and training.
  • Flexibility. You choose the moment and the dedication.
  • Technology. Use and familiarity of technology.
  • Networking Exchange work experience and expand your network of contacts.
Programs taught in:
  • Spanish

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Spain Business School

In the midst of an unprecedented crisis few sectors that continue or have a bigger push to market and steady progress. The increase in digital consumption makes these dis ... [+]

In the midst of an unprecedented crisis few sectors that continue or have a bigger push to market and steady progress. The increase in digital consumption makes these disciplines professionals are sued every day, more in a continually changing environment.

The Superior Digital Marketing Program, through the right mix of general and specific knowledge, allows students to acquire the skills to have a substantial competitive advantage in developing their career skills. For all these reasons, if your future is in marketing, you think digital.


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The Superior Program in Marketing and Advertising Digital is aimed at all kinds of professionals requiring enter the digital environment concerns on the part of the digital marketing sector of great current demand.... [-]

Spain Madrid
October 2019
6 semesters
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Spain Business School

Postgraduates of 6 months in 100% online methodology in Spanish. Digital Marketing, Big Data, Social Media, e-Commerce, etc. ... [+]

Nobody discusses the importance of the Internet and the digital world. Increasingly they are demanded professionals capable of leading multidisciplinary teams focused on the digital economy.

The Superior programs in Digital Business (university graduate) through the right mix of general and specific knowledge, it allows students to acquire the skills to have a substantial competitive advantage in the development of their careers in the digital environment skills. Therefore, this program is the candidate to assume positions of leadership and responsibility in this new environment, learning more fundamental aspects and critical to develop a business strategy in a digital environment.... [-]

Spain Spain Online
October 2019
6 - 12 months
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